Aussie Contract Phone Plan Prices: Not As Bad As You Might Predict

Aussie Contract Phone Plan Prices: Not As Bad As You Might Predict

Australians love to complain about the cost of phone contracts, but on a global scale we might not be doing so badly. A comparison of plans for the recently launched Galaxy S III suggests that compared to the UK, USA and New Zealand, Australian offers are fairly competitive.

We rounded up the available deals for the Galaxy S III in a Planhacker table when it first launched. With four carriers to choose from, there are certainly plenty of options. An evaluation of those plans against options offered overseas, carried out by comparison site WhistleOut, suggests that we’re not suffering too badly. According to director Cameron Craig:

Technology prices are known to be far cheaper in the USA, however the Galaxy S3 shows that to be false for mobile phones on service plans. The UK remains one of the most competitive mobile phone markets in terms of pricing on the leading handsets, but Australia is not far behind.

Directly comparing plans is a fraught activity — US customers pay to receive calls, for example, and often pay a partial up-front price and a partial monthly subsidy, so it’s hard to make an absolute comparison. WhistleOut looked at two plans (one with 250MB of data and 400 call minutes, and one with unlimited calls and 500MB of data). 500MB is on the low side for data allowances, and ‘call minutes’ means something entirely different when you’re paying for every single call. However, with the US coming out bottom of the rankings, suffering envy for our stateside cousins seems unwise.



  • i don’t have the time to check all the plans for included data but I suspect what Australians are complaining about is lack of good data plans. I have more call minutes then i could ever use but if i go over my tiny data limit by a few MB they charge me hundreds of dollars. They don’t give you an option for a few calls and mostly data or the unlimited plans i hear about in the US, so you end up paying a good price for something you don’t use and extra for what you want. I bought my smartphone for the interwebz not to spend 800 minutes on the phone. My next phone I’m thinking of going all data and setting up voip for calls.

    • It’s just a different way of going about it. After all – in theory an incoming call costs a telco justs as much as an outgoing call. In the USA calling a landline and a mobile are the same rate – it’s the receiver that pays more on a mobile. Personally I think ours is a fairer system – but from a market economics point of view the American system would lead to a more efficient outcome.

  • Beec charge $100 extra for few mb talk to thd customer care that i check the balance everday but only to find out they are mostly 1 day behind what the hell
    Why cant they update in real time……

  • I also am the same.. I want a few call dollars and much more data.
    Seeing as all the Carriers push smart-phones, why aren’t they giving them better access to the thing that makes them smart.. DATA!!!
    research is showing that more and more are using their phones for data connected things. and less on voice calls.. so come on.. MORE DATA and stop adding those fake ‘voice minutes’ that no one ever uses.

  • Really? Anyone been to America ?? Last time I went my ex g.f was on a unlimited data plan 70 bux a month … Where can I get this in Australia no where

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