Apply A Screen Protector Perfectly Every Time With The Hinge Method

Screen protectors aren't as necessary as they used to be, but if you still like to use them on your phone, YouTuber minh8080 has a foolproof method for applying them.

Essentially, you arrange the protector on your screen before removing the plastic back, then apply masking tape to one side of the phone so the protector stays in place. Then lift it up like a hinge, pull off the back, and slowly place it back down. It should stay in place and stick to your phone perfectly straight. Check out the video above to see the hinge method in action.

How To: Perfectly Install a Screen Protector — Hinge Method [YouTube via Reddit]


    Thanks, but the Chinese girls with their small hands at the mall do a great job. And if they screw up, they put on a new one

    Also, create a dust free environment in you bathroom by running a hot shower for 5 min with no fan on and door closed, then turn off shower, wait 10 min for the mist to fall to the ground, taking any dust with it.

      Thats are really good one to. should have thought of that myself =(

    I'm fairly certain they're manufactured with dust inside..

      Thanks Vik for the tip!

      I agree with Andre, not matter how hard I try I always have one or two dust spots. :-(

    if you get dust, just use a sticky tape to lift the screen protector up, and use another sticky tape to stick the spot of dust out

    If you get dust underneath, lift it up with sticky tape then just use a lint free cloth to wipe underneath, perfect every time!!

    If you don't mind the noise, keep a vacuum cleaner going while you apply the protector to suck up nearby dust. Just keep a safe distance from the protector.

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