Apple Stumbles Remind Us No Tech Is Perfect

First Apple sent out a bunch of corrupted apps for iOS and Mac users. Then it emerged that an app containing malware had found its way into the App Store despite Apple’s apparently rigorous . The lesson? No matter how great a technology is, something can always go wrong.

Picture by Quinn Dombrowski

I make this point purely because the “it just works” comments is one of the frequent slurs that hardcore Apple fanatics throw at anyone experiencing issues on other platforms. It’s an annoying meme, and it’s one that experience will always demonstrate to be wishful thinking. Macs and iOS devices run software. Software can always have problems.

Equally, those problems can be fixed: Apple has begun work on sorting out the corrupted apps issue, and it has already withdrawn the malware-laden app (as has Google; problems happen everywhere). Gloating over them is pointless, but pretending they never happened means you never learn anything.

Neither of these recent glitches mean that the average Apple device owner isn’t going to continue to be extremely happy with their purchases, or that the high level of enthusiasm for Apple’s gear is going to wane. Aiming to make products that are powerful and easy to use is a fine ambition for the company. But jumping from “I like this” to “This can never go wrong” is a step customers should have grown out of by now.


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