AirDroid Controls Your Android Phone Or Tablet From Any Modern Web Browser

Android: Touchscreen keyboards, or even miniature ones, are not necessarily the ideal surface for getting things done. A physical keyboard and computer are just simply faster for many tasks, but there are a number of things they can't do that a mobile phone or tablet can. AirDroid bridges the gap by allowing you to control your device from pretty much any modern web browser.

The setup takes about five seconds. All you do is go to a URL in your browser (as specified by the app) and enter a code. Once you do that, you're ready to do a pretty amazing number of things. I was really surprised by how well you can manage your device from a browser window — and it works on virtually any operating system (Windows, OS X, and Linux). You can transfer files and edit any existing files on your device. If you hate typing text messages on your Android, AirDroid will let you send, receive, and view them from its browser-based interface.

It allows you to install/uninstall apps, view photos, manage your contacts, manage your music collection, and view videos. With some devices you can even control your Android's screen, take screenshots, or make a screencast. It's a remarkably comprehensive app, operates securely, and is a free download.

AirDroid (Free) [Google Play Store via Apartment Therapy Tech]


    Just tried this app. Very disappointing due to major problems with connecting handset and computer. Went to forums and discovered that many others have been having same problems. Really frustrating because this looks like an incredible app.

    Got a Nexus phone because everyone talks about all the system level thinsg you can do with Andoid. But you need to have root access. Essentially you need to jailbreak your Android phone. Pointless. Sold it and just jailbreaked my iPhone. Much happier.

      Truly moronic comment:
      1) It is completely unrelated to the topic of the article
      2) "system level things" - seems clear you don't actually know what the things are you wanted to do, so its probably for the best that it didn't let you do them.
      3) Its true there is a wide range of capabilities available on Android that Apple do not allow or implement on iOS. Few would be described as "system level". Then you can go further and root the device for even more functionality. This isn't the same as jailbreaking, but let's set aside the subtleties for now...
      4) The most significant difference with rooting on a nexus device compared with jail breaking an iOS device, is that it is allowed by Google, so doesn't require an exploit nor void your warranty.
      5) Finally you can go another massive step further and completely replace Android with a custom version, with brand new features, design, etc because Google release all the code for Android and hundreds of different developers make their own versions which you can participate in. Or even modify the operating system yourself. These are things that iOS will never be able to do because the source code isn't available.

      I'm sure you are much happier. Ignorance is bliss

        ^Well said man!

        Apple drones will be apple drones. No use trying to change them, they will just ruin another brand.

          Better to be a droid than a drone, I guess. =P

    Been using AirDroid on my Incredible S for some time now. Found it a very convenient way to manage media and have quick txt conversations using a real keyboard!
    Haven't needed the root-level features, so haven't missed them.
    Sorry for those who are having trouble connecting, but if it works for you it's worth the download.

    Pretty handy for when you get home and just ditch your phone in your room but still want to text.

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