ABS Pulls iPhone App After Census Snafu

We reported on Monday that there was an official and free Australian Bureau Of Statistics (ABS) app for the iPhone, but you would have needed to grab it quickly. The ABS has pulled the app after it emerged that it was using data from the 2006 census rather than the 2011 version.

Here's the full quote from the ABS site:

The ABS has decided to temporarily suspend its new iPhone App. This decision has been made as the app was inadvertently linked to 2006 Census data rather than 2011 Census data. The app will be back up and running as soon as possible.

Oh dear. The app has been removed from the App Store until that fix can be made; we'll keep an eye out.


    They also labeled average monthly mortgage repayments as weekly repayments.

    Pretty embarrassing start for the nation's statistics bearers

    Damn, was going to grab that.
    Wanted to see (via iphone) whether Jedi or Pastafarianism made it as an official religion.

      You would have been disappointed. You can only search census dara by post code, not for the whole country or by state.

      You're a twit. The ABS just counts stuff. It doesn't have the power to create religions. Even if the entire population called themselves Jedis, the ABS just doesn't have that power. Or care factor.

        Uh, you're the twit. ABS is responsible for creating and maintaining the Australian Standard Classification of Religious Groups - of which "analysis of existing data relating to the religious profile of Australia" is an input.

        http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/[email protected]/Lookup/1266.0main+features102011

    Generally a very poor app. Especially given how long it has been in development.

    It also wanted location services, and wouldn't work if I had them blocked using restrictions.

      To clarify, it wouldn't get past the loading screen without location services being unrestricted first.

        Only a guess, but maybe they are trying to make sure only people actually in Australia can load the app. Would the normal website be geo-blocked in other countries?

          Why would it need to be geo-blocked in other countries?

          I didn't really find the app useful, apart from thinking $1,400 a week on mortgage repayments was absurd. Deleted it after I saw this mistake.

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