A Backlit Bookcase And A Simple Desk

This elegant home office features a large bookcase showing off artwork and mementos, while the spacious desk is beautifully uncluttered.

Flickr user Shereboy has his desk in the centre of the room, but that provides a good opportunity to glance up now and then at his wall display. The placement also highlights the attractive-looking old IKEA desk.

Home Office [Flickr]


    How is the lighting achieved on the shelves? Are they cabled downlights?

      You can just see the downlights at the top of the picture. They're pretty easy to get, just cabled downlights that stick onto a surface, by the looks of it.

      I really wish I could get my office set up in this way with the speakers ~1.5 meters in front of the desk and evenly spaced. Unfortunately this is not possible in my house :( I have great quality speakers but my acoustics are up the creek.

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