Windows Azure Perth Meetup Wrapped Up

Windows Azure Perth Meetup Wrapped Up

Alas, the reader meetups are over! But we had a great time meeting Perth Lifehacker readers last night, and everyone can still enter our competition to win a Nokia Lumia 710 phone.Image

At our final event, Rob Moore from Curtin University explained how the university is migrating its main student information system to Azure. The winner of the individual challenge round based on his presentation — who once scored a prize of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Essentials valued at $810 — was Matt McGlew. Congratulations Matt!

The trivia challenge saw four teams of WA’s finest fighting it out, and we ended up with a tie breaker between Team Awesomer and Tux. Ultimately, Team Awesomer won the day.

Our caption picture in Perth once again featured Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Our favourite entry came from Jesse:

Nobody expects the Nokia acquisition!

Thanks yet again to everyone who came along on the night, and a huge shout-out to Microsoft for making the whole experience possible. We’ll do it all again soon!

Get started with Windows Azure by signing up for a free trial here.

Steve Ballmer picture by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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  • Was a great night and thanks for the invite, free beer and prizes! 🙂
    Great to meet some other developers in Perth and look forward to future events!
    ps. you typoed my name in the article above 😉

  • Thanks to all the Lifehacker people who arranged last night. Was a lot of fun, and it was great to get to meet a lot of new faces. Looking forward to the next one!

  • I’m still devastated about losing out in the tiebreaker round.

    It was a good evening, I’ll definitely be coming along to any future lifehacker events.

    • Yes, thanks very much to LifeHacker and Angus and Danny for organising a great, fun night. It’s great that you’re able to foster the developer community like this, and I’ll definitely attend the next meet up.

      And sorry Stove, it’s now forever burned into my memory that Redmond is not an American state 😉

      • I’ll forgive you. If I hadn’t missed that question earlier, we could have skipped the tiebreaker and gone straight to the celebratory mice.

    • At least you scored a visual studio box set! Thanks to MS for sponsering the event

  • It was a really fun evening – as evidenced by my humiliating trapdoor-head photo above. I hadn’t realized how vendor driven the evening would be, so on arrival I was a bit apprehensive about the strong MS/Azure presence. On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised by the free beer.

    I learned something. Microsoft may not be able to do traditional advertising, but they’re really good at hosting/sponsoring social events. Kudos to the hosts for a fun, non-pushy social evening that also interested me in their stuff despite my usual *nix-leanings. I’ll be doing some PostgreSQL testing and benchmarking on Azure soon – lets see how many fsync()s per second those VMs can do.

    I’m up for more such events, with or without the vendor-and-beer aspect.

  • Thanks for the evening, definitely enjoyed it and I think I managed to stay out of focus on all the photos! Plus the Arc Mouse is a damn sweet piece of kit.

  • Thanks for a great meetup! Coming from a heavy mac/linux background, I wasn’t really holding out much for Azure but after having a chat with the MS rep, I think I’ve come away enlightened. I can’t say I’ll be using Azure on any of my projects soon but that’s definitely more for the nature of cloud than anything the platform lacks. I’ve certainly learned something, thanks again for the evening and new mouse!

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