WindowPad Uses Your Number Pad To Snap Windows To The Screen Edge

Windows: WindowPad takes the number pad that you rarely use and turns it into a quick shortcut for organising all the windows on your screen.

We all love Windows 7's Aero Snap feature, which divides your screen up equally between two Windows, and there are a lot of tools out there that beef up that functionality. WindowPad is an awesome little utility that uses your number pad to "visualise" your screen. Hitting Win+7, for example, moves your current window to the top left corner of your screen — the same place where 7 resides on your number pad. Pressing Win+9 will move it to the top right, Win+8 to take up the top half of the screen, Win+5 to the centre, and so on (see the graphic to the right by Jim Priest for a good visualisation). You can also move windows between monitors in dual-monitor setups and more. Hit the link below to see all the program's shortcuts (and to try it out).

WindowPad is a free download for Windows only.

WindowPad [AutoHotkey Forums via Scott Hanselman]


    sounds like an enhanced version of Win+(Left, Right, Up or Down). Very cool, will have to give it a go!

    While I like the idea and will probably try it, I disagree with the "number pad that you rarely use" bit.
    I use my number pad all the fricken time. I also use capslock more than 50% of my day. Please stop trying to convince me that doing anything other than mousewheel-scrolling through my facebook news feed is abnormal use of my computer.

    How does this work with multi-monitors? I hate how I lose have my snap places when I add a 2nd/3rd screen.

      If you hold down your Window's Key and use the left and right arrow key's you don't lose your snap places. Was an accident me finding this out, but it made my life allot easier once i did!

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