Why We Won't Stop Being Mean To Fat People

It sucks being discriminated against, whether that's on the basis of your race, gender or the fact that you don't fit in a regular airline seat. However, stopping discrimination against (and abuse of) fat people could be near-impossible.

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In an article at The Conversation, ANU politics lecturer Ryan Walter argues that it's unlikely that discrimination against the obese will change in a current society because of other factors:

Fat discrimination is the direct consequence of exactly those everyday values and practices that we use to regulate our relationship to food and public life. Anti-discrimination should therefore be seen as contesting with deeply entrenched values and, in relation to food, the odds are against the crusading outsider.

In essence, Walter argues that people who eat healthy food are showing off both knowledge (of nutritional values) and "moral" behaviour (being able to restrain themselves to "good" choices). Given the high value we as a society place on both those approaches, it's hard to imagine us deciding to be kinder to others:

The problem for ending fat discrimination is that this widespread regime is completely inimical to the call to respect obese people – they are clearly positioned as failures in this art of living.

Walter also notes that obese people can appear to impact on our sense of "personal space", which is also a widely-respected social value. As he stresses, that doesn't mean discrimination is fair or right, but it does lower the odds of eliminating it. What do you think?

Does the art of living make fat discrimination common sense? [The Conversation]


    Exercise you fatty's.... Like seriously, I was skinny all my life... then I got engaged haha, I was always 72kgs then out of no where I got to 105kgs, we broke up, I realized I was a fatty and I wouldn't get a decent looking partner with all the extra weight...so I got down to 70kgs and today I am 83kgs with no fat... its all muscle.

    So you know what ? number one reason I did it is because i got told by the person I loved "I dont find you attractive anymore" it was the most hurtful thing someone had told me... but today its the best thing thats ever happened.

    Next time someone calls you a fatty, its because you are. don't go and eat something because your upset, put your favorite music on your ipod and go for a walk....

      Wow Jeff you're a hero. Now all you need to do is go back to school and become literate and you'll be the total package. Like seriously.

        A million times, +1

        Jeff, muscle or no, you sound like a douchecanoe. Just sayin'.

          hahaha how have I lived all my life without using the word "douchecanoe" ?

            Has a great rhythm to it, right?

              lol So my literature isn't perfect ? I told my story in the hope someone could relate to it and do something about their weight.

              Most of you saying im a douche is would be because your fat and im not.

                Wow. You sure proved your point there, Jeff.

      "Next time someone calls you a fatty, its because you are. don’t go and eat something because your upset, put your favorite music on your ipod and go for a walk…."


        No? No to what, Exactly? People should get exercise, which can help elevate mood, instead of sitting on the couch and eating cookie dough.

        I don't think you should abuse or insult fat people, but at the same, time don't complain about being overweight when you're sitting at the food court at 2pm scoffing down a weeks worth of food.

          Must agree exercise does actually elevate your mood. But hey I listen to music all the time and that's no replacement for eating chocolate or a bag of chips.

      I'd guess your weight wasn't the only reason your fionce left.... Although, there is no cure for douch-baggery...

        Actually Chris, The reason she left is because my career as a DJ started to take off, she would come to my gigs and get free entry and drinks (In return for her and her friends promoting the venue) and all of this went to her head, she became what I call "A snobby club rat" I kept getting fat, she actually got slightly better looking and then she cheated on me, I asked why and she explained i'm not attractive to her anymore because of my weight. then we broke up. FYI.

      I liked your story jeff, i could read what you wrote just fine, you don,t need to go back to school to impress people who become upset by spelling mistakes. They will always find something to upset them.

      Pretty sure when you were told you were no longer attractive, it wasn't because you've put on weight.

        Actually it was. no Joke.... Im not the best looking guy, but being fat as well definitely makes the overall "look" worse ...

      I agree with you 100% Jeff.

      If these fatty-fatty two-by-fours are busy crying tears of custard over your simple story, then I guess you could offer them a deal: You work on your grammar while the lard omlettes go for a walk.

        Blunt, but to the point.
        And I agree 100% with Jeff.
        "Im fat. Im beautiful. Accept me for what I am!"
        Er, no, you look like shit.
        I find it revolting watching a fat person ruthlessly devour a huge plate of crap. Gorging themselves on it. Its disgusting. Dont they see what they are doing to themselves? Theyre killing themselves!

      I love how you guys diss jeff and call him a douch

      I love how you guys diss jeff and call him a douch, when I bet all you guys are fat and lazy your self. My partner has just lost 40kg in the past 12 month. Down to 60kg. She loves it, I love it and her fat lazy family has diss owned here. Haven't talked to her since. So bloody sick of all you fat people making excuses to those who are healthy. Glad Soneone had to guts to write the article.

        Why should they have to justify or 'make excuses' to a healthy person? Im the skinny sheep of my family and i dont thinks its anyone's business to judge someone on weight, and if they do insult/mock then they have bigger (scuze the pun) issues themselves.

    It seems to be last socially acceptable form of discrimination.

    Most people who I hear say stuff will say it because they don't respect the lack of self-discipline being shown. i.e., the attackers believe the obese person has control over the situation and therefore are fair game for attack.

    We should instead ask ourselves - Why do we accept and tolerate people who discriminate against obese people but we steadfastly refuse to accept sexism, racism etc?

    Most fat people know which foods are good and which are bad, so it isn't usually a knowledge problem.

    If society collectively frowned upon the behaviour then it would die out quickly, the issue is that we ignore it.

    They have labels for racists, ageists, sexists - the lack of such a label for 'fattists' / 'obesists' is probably half the problem.

      IMO probably because you're not born obese in comparison to having no control over race/gender. Besides people with physical/mental conditions making them fat...

      The big difference is that a persons gender or ethnic background is "a part of them". They are born female, black, white, brown, etc.

      Unless you have a medical condition, there is no reason to stay fat. Yes they know what is bad for them, but they still eat like pigs. My cousin is over 400lbs. Doctor tells him he needs to lose weight, his bones can't handle the weight. What does he do? the f*&ker drinks a whole 2 liter of coke during dinner. Love him to death. Won't cry at his funeral. Yes, skinny people are douches. Get over it. Just like ignorant people, you've made your choices about how you look. Deal with it.

      And no. We don't have to find you attractive. I'm sure you are a great person and friend, but sexually, IMO, obesity is not attractive.

    Rule #1: Cardio

      Rule #1: Diet! - You can counteract large amounts of cardio by eating high calorie foods in seconds. Those same calories require great effort to burn.

      Rule #2: The Double Tap.

      Cardio never beats a bad diet (bad diet is a bully)

    The way I see it, as a very experienced dieter who is now fat again, if someone is a jerk to me because of my weight, that's their problem, not mine. It does allow me to weed out who I'd never like to see or talk to again.

      Very experienced dieter with obviously no results. Btw, there is no such thing as an experienced dieter, just someone who is terribly misinformed

    i dont even think comparing discrimination based on race and gender to that based on weight a fair comparison, you cant change your gender (within reason) or your race, you can (in most cases) change your weight and in even more cases you should change your weight, being obese is a great way to die early and become a burden on society whilst doing so (medical expenses etc), being african-american (for a highly stereotypical example) means nothing, absolutely nothing.

    if we all bow to down to the ridiculous level of PC some people preach and "accept" obese people as the norm humanity is pretty much taken a step backwards, and blaming food and the other bs some blame is ridiculous theres one person and one person only to blame, YOU, and forcing everyone to accept you is not going to help.

    the only exception to this is those with a true real medical condition that causes uncontrollable weight gain, clearly those people shouldn't be discriminated against for the same reason anyone else with a medical condition shouldn't


    A key point that is commonly not recognised around why we put on weight is that exercise and caloric restriction both have a compensatory impact on the other. ie. your body will tend to compensate for the extra cardio by being more hungry and eventually you tend to eat more. Likewise, caloric restriction will tend to have the effect of reducing activity (even at a thermic cellular level).

    What matters is the type of food you eat. Carbs (especially refined) cause your body to store fat. Dietary fats and protein don't. And the ill effects of reduced carb intake that are felt when your body switches into ketosis are usually always temporary after your body adapts.

      Except ketogenic diets have been shown to have a marginally improved level of weight loss as opposed to regulated diets with the 40/40/30 split in conjunction with a caloric deficit.

      So in summary, yes, you're more hungry when you work out (obviously). That doesn't mean you should be responding to your hunger. Likewise, caloric restriction does not significantly impact on your energy levels unless you do in fact do what you prescribe and eat nothing but fats and protein - despite the fact that your body doesnt 'dip' into ketosis overnight.

      It's like everytime there's a lifehacker article on fitness, people who only lurk /fit/ for their knowledge come out like it's the truth.

        The number one piece of advice that helped me to lose 12kg between graduating high-school and starting university a few months later was "Hungry is good".
        That's not to say one should starve themselves, eating a good amount of nutritionally sound food is as important as anything else, but if you feel hungry after a workout, that just means your body is looking for energy to burn.

      I'm confused - wasn't Godfrey referencing Zombieland??

    The reason people discriminate against fat people is because it's a completely avoidable attribute that stems from being lazy or weak-willed.

      I guess that they could always like weight. You on the other hand will always be a tool.

        Again, i am guessing your fat yourself and blame the world not yourself.

        Well now, those people are just showing their own ignorance. When I hit puberty, I gained 40lbs in the space of less than a year. I changed NOTHING about how I lived, played and ate. My body chemistry changed. Short of living on nothing but a can of beetroot a day, there really wasn't much to do. I was already a team sport athlete, ran 5k a day, etc. It's been that way ever since, and I've learned to laugh at people who think it's something realistically under my control, as utterly clueless. The other day I had a few Tim Tams, and I remarked to people what a rare treat it was, because I only allowed myself a packet of Tim Tams every 3-4 months. People were as stunned as they were when they first saw me bringing my usual lunch of a can of white beans seasoned with vinegar and sun-dried tomato. Some of us just lost the gene lottery, and to say it's OK to diss fat folks because MOST of them got that way through stupidity or laziness is disrespectful to those of us who didn't.

    I would not put weight in the same category of discrimination as race, gender or sexual orientation. Like dressing poorly or chewing your nails, managing your weight is a matter of establishing better habits and practicing the skills that are required to achieve results. Like eating with your mouth closed, managing to not be obese ought to be considered a basic skill that all adults can master.

    To be clear I'm not talking about having a bit of extra "love" - a lot of people are healthier and more comfortable with some extra fat reserves.

    But true obesity is very well defined and understood, directly impacts an individual's quality of life, and is nearly caused by their own habits nearly 100% of the time.

    I was 115kg pretty much my whole teen life pretty much with the attitude of what doesn't kill me makes me stronger and feck skinny people i eat because it makes me feel good. sucks not to enjoy eating that much. Must be like those people who don't enjoy sex that much. Then i hit 20 realised that all my weight and eating issues were all due to my own emotional issues that due to my past, have been making me unknowingly so depressed about myself that all i found enjoyable in life was eating.

    Within 3 months of that realisation i was down to 82kg (I have the wii fit data to prove lol) and now im 74-76 constantly (in fact not eating enough is now one of my biggest problems) but im happier than i have ever been with my body. No fat legs, no fat stomach. and that was about 2-3 years ago now.

    The funny ironic moral side to this story is that i didn't do any exercise (like at all except for standing up at retail job for 10hrs a day 5 days a week) and i ate maccas and hjs for pretty much every meal including breakfast during my weight loss. I took doctor prescribed duromine (medical speed) and for only $100 and 4 different doctors to try and get it i am now happier than ever with my body. Only down side was if u have never taken hardcore drugs before, the comming down effects after the 3 months are quite simlar to the movie requiem for a dream so it has been a problem for fat middle aged women who get on it and then go have heart attacks.

    I do not recommend this in the slightest to anyone execpt for all those 20 something computer nerds out there who are just like i was and want a easy cheat to getting in shape. It is possible. A nurse put me on to it.

      I'm disgusted that it only took you 4 doctors to find someone willing to be so unethical and prescribe you that drug.

      Although I guess you probably lied to them to get it somehow. I am sure that no sane Dr would prescribe duromine if you honestly told them you were just being lazy and didn't want to change your diet or do any exercise. All Drs know that a skinny, unfit, unhealthy person is still prone to heart disease and other disorders.

    I'm all for the personal space reasoning. The amount of times I've been crushed against a window on a train. Or had to stand for around an hour trip when there was a three seater with only two people on it due to at least one of them taking up 1 - 2 seats.

    I would just like to say, that people who discriminate against big people can in no way justify their actions and behaviour.

    I have being big my whole life, I was raised by just 1 parent in a stressful environment with no money, I was diagnosed with depression from age 11 and still suffer from it to this day, at age 25. I have tried every diet under the sun, some of them even worked, but I always put the weight back on.

    Is it because I know nothing about being healthy? No. Is it because I know nothing about exercise? No. Is it because I lack the willpower? No. Is it because I am depressed? Yes.

    Depression often plays a HUGE role in MOST big people’s lives and why they are the way they are. Depression is one of the most crippling conditions and I don’t think many people can understand that. Most days you can barely face to get out of bed, let alone take the time to prepare a healthy meal and go exercise for 3 hours.

    Being fat is awful. Finding clothes is 10x harder, they are all hideous and twice the price. Finding a job is harder, even if you are more qualified then the skinny blonde, guess who’s going to get the job? Finding a partner is harder, hardly anyone will look past stretchmarks. You are uncomfortable EVERY SINGLE DAY. You feel like you’re carrying a 20kg backpack on your back all day and all night, everything hurts, you feel self conscious in public because of your clothes and the way you look. You go into a café and order something as healthy and a salad and people still glare at you like you shouldn’t even be allowed to eat anything else. It’s summer and you still feel like you have to wear long sleeves to cover up your chubby arms.

    People will never stop being cruel to fat people because they don’t understand. It’s not because we are lazy or lack motivation, it’s because most of us have been bullied our whole lives and suffer because of it, losing weight is not as easy as just getting up and moving more, IF IT WAS… there wouldn’t BE fat people. I won’t even mention how expensive healthy food is compared to junk food, another factor for overweight people. Not to mention that working a 9-5 job with 1 hour of travel each way and a child to look after leave very little time to meal plan and go to the gym.

    I don’t think we can ever stop discrimination to fat people, but I believe we should try to encourage fat acceptance. Just because we are bigger then you doesn’t mean we deserve to be treated like any less of a human being.

      So, youre fat because youre depressed. Youre depressed because youre fat.
      All Im reading there is a bunch of excuses why youre fat and how you cant/dont do anything about it.
      You sound like you absolutely hate being fat. So stop shoveling food into your mouth!
      Excuses wont make you lose weight.
      Whats the old saying? Willpower is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets.

        Clearly, you don't understand depression - it is a physiological condition. Coupled with evn just one other health issue and it feels almost impossible to live healthy. I hope you don't have the experience of depression with (diabetes)(cancer)(back injury)(anything else). It is awful. But that might be the only way you might understand the level of your incorrect assertion above. The only remaining thought is that you are just a redneck twit. But that would be an assumption, right?

      Once I started reading the comments on this article, I ended up reading them all. And to be honest, yours was the only one I really cared to take in.

      To be honest I do get annoyed by 'fat' people who take up multiple seats on a bus or a train; but then again, I also get annoyed by old people when they're slow to sit down, or the morons who sit at the back playing loud music and making obscene comments. But - whilst I probably should be insulting the morons - I don't judge any of those people. Because the fact that they annoy me occasionally isn't a justifiable reason to insult or degrade them.

      The way someone looks or the speed at which they move is never the information you should use to judge them. Every person should be judged on how they act towards and treat others.

      I don't know you Rach, and I don't care how you look, or if you're the biggest asshole in the world (although having read the other comments, I think that spot is taken), what you've written here is time eternal. It's something that does, and will continue to allow people to at least somewhat understand what it really means to be 'fat.'

      I'm lucky in that I'm inherently skinny and I don't suffer from depression, but what you've written has made me realise just how lucky I am.
      I don't know what it feels like to be fat - and I certainly don't understand how depression can really feel - but from what I understand it's the quality of a person's life that enables them to change.
      But how can a person enjoy their life if they can't accept themselves for who they are?
      How can they even begin to accept themselves when no one else will give them the chance?

      To be totally honest, I'm tired and I've forgotten what my point was, so I apologise for the ramble.

      Human beings are both the cruelest and the kindest of all the creatures on Earth, and if we could get over the insecurities that make us cruel, we would be unstoppable.

    It's a tough thing really. I never promote hate of fat people, I never say it in front of their faces but there will be times when television jokes about it and I can't help but laugh at times. I do notice it when I do so I try to slap some sense into myself. Either way discrimination is bad either way.

    Being fat can be for a variety of reasons lets not forget. Genes has proven to be a major factor in why certain people find it difficult to stop being fat. Let's not forget that the convenience of fatty foods is ... sometimes just more economical and easy than going out of your way to make healthy foods. It's cheaper and faster and some people struggle with that in their everyday jobs and family lives.

    So it might not be in the same category as race issues but it's discrimination and discrimination is bad.

      A variety of reasons? No, there are only two. Eating too much and not exercising enough. Genes don't make you fat if you're not overeating

        Hey dickhead, how about an underactive thyroid? Don't state facts if you don't actually know it to be fact.
        (BTW, I'm not fat, I just like pointing out idiots). ;)

          Really? That's a MAJOR cause of obesity? How come no one had an underactive thyroid 100 years ago?

          But let's just say you're right, and all fat people have an underactive thyroid. Guess what? It is STILL possible to lose weight. It is much harder and takes will power but claiming that it is impossible is an insult to the people who have made the effort and succeeded. The other excuse I find insulting is people who claim their diabetes prevents their weight loss. Why does no one want to talk about the fact that diseases are often CAUSED by the obesity, not the cause OF the obesity.

          The only way to lose weight is to count your calories while eating and to work out so you can burn calories. If you burn more calories than you consume you WILL lose weight. That is a fact.

          I don't believe anyone should be discriminated against, but denying the truth is only hurting yourself. The diseases that come with obesity are painful and will cut your life short. You know this. You are making excuses and playing fast and loose with your life. But who am I to tell you what to do. It's your funeral.

      Pretty sure most obese people today are not due to genetics.

    When I'm not required to have my body pressed against a window, and still have someone sitting on the other half of me, I will accept fat people. Until then, I will continue to cringe every time I have a spare seat next to me.

    Rach, I suffered with depression for a long time and had weight issues the whole time. The two conditions are without a doubt linked. I switched to a high fat high protein very low carb lifestyle (also had to increase sunlight exposure as mine had a seasonal depression component) and my fat and depression both went away over time. Depression is a complex thing and is very different for different people, so I have no idea if this would help with you.

    If you would like to experiment on this front though I would recommend a couple of books which are very enlightening 'Gary Taubes - Why we get fat, and what to do about it' (easy read) and his more in depth review of scientific studies 'good calories, bad calories'. Also 'The Paleo Solution' and 'deadly harvest' (different authors)....recommendations in that order.

    Also aside from initial carb cravings the diet isn't hard once you are used to it. High fat meats, eggs, etc are all quite filling. You don't go hungry.

    Good luck with it!

    People with responses like "that person is lazy" is what creates this issue in the first place. How do you know that person is lazy? or is there more to the story than meets the eye. I've seen many very active person who are big, does that make them lazy? No, it means they are just eating wrong or even a medical condition.

    Also, being slim/normal weight does not mean you are healthy, people just are led to believe they are for their own satisfaction. A non-big person can just be as unhealthy. One way to find out is a yearly health check. I was normal weight and I was prone to low blood pressure and pre-diabetes. I was lazy but I wasn't fat.

    God bless fat girls. If it wasn't for them I'd still be a virgin.

    They don't want society to be to smart, they like to dumb us down with mcdonalds. Duh.

    There's a difference between being big (bearmode etc) with significant muscle mass and just being a downright obese load. That being said, being underweight is also unhealthy, but here's the big difference - Underweight / skinnyfat people don't personally inconvenience or violate other people's space by being underweight. Sure, they may have SOME of the same burdens on the medical system in later life, but not at a social level.

    In short, being fat IS something that you can deal with, just like anything else, depression, anxiety, any other medical condition - it's just that people fail to see it that way.

    But seriously, the reason why 'some' healthy fit people with 6 packs look down on fat people is because:
    - they've succeeded to obtain a challenging goal in life
    - they understand how hard it is to get their shape
    - from this, they get a massive ego boost and think: "look how hot i am, you fatty's got no chance in getting Pu$$y unless you own half the casinos in LA"

    This is similar psychology to people who are VERY intelligent and look down people who aren't that smart. For example, a majority of people in Melbourne Uni that got 99.95, believe it's hard achieve to attain as a life goal. Hence 'most' of them look down on people who are not even in their league. They say to the less intelligent "you'll be cleaning my carpet woven together with $100 notes".

    Basically, the reason for this hate is due the feeling of supremacy of able to get someone that's typically 'difficult' to achieve.

    Just to make a diablo 3 example: If someone makes a level 60 hardcore character and completes inferno, they'll probably say "haha you noobs got nothing on me"

    I would love to gorge myself on the food in the article picture.
    Just sayin'.

    Whether someone can change their physicality (weight, sex, age, whatever) isn't the point of this post, it's that because people perceive that this is a controllable personal attribute, and that there are positive and negative versions of this attribute, discriminating against a person displaying the negative version of the attribute (being over weight) is something which individuals are more likely to do.

    If given enough resources, anyone could change any physical attributes they wished, including race and sex. Does that make it OK to discriminate against someone on these bases? Clearly not.

    Then the question is not whether or not it is OK to discriminate on the basis of a variable positive/negative, but whether perception of control over attributes considered to be negative then influences discrimination, or in fact, gives rise to discrimination, because while it might not be in a person's control to choose or change their race, is may be in their control to regulate their weight, the resulting response being negative (giving rise to a deeper discrimination). I have always felt uneasy with the word 'tolerance' but it seems to be the pivotal point in this case; people seem to be less 'tolerant' (more likely to express and/or maintain their discrimination) of those who have attributes deemed 'negative' (overweight) which are personally controllable, rather than those who have attributes deemed 'negative' which are not (race, for example).

    I find this very interesting, because the foundational aspect of discrimination (in this case) seems to be value based (over/under-weight = bad, healthy weight = good) compared to other forms of discrimination, which have to do with benefiting others based on similar attributes, or fear of others who are within a cultural or racial group, or prejudging someone's ability to perform a specific task or manage a specific responsibility based on their gender.

    We wont stop being mean because fatties wont hit the treadmills.

      Wow that was a pointless remark you just made. I spent 4 months, on the treadmill for between 75 and 120 minutes a day, 7 days a week, eating less than 4000 kj per day (it's on fitday, I tracked it), and lost TWO FCKING KILOS. Again, for some of us, it's genetic.

        bs, run faster for longer and eat less. then you'll lose weight

          You're obviously clueless about fitness for women rather than gay-fantasy clothesboard models and pre-pubescent girls. I have 16G-18F breasts, I can't run, I can only powerwal or lightly jog. The best sportsbra on the planet doesn't hold G cup in place. I know this because on THE 150km PUSHBIKE RIDES I ROUTINELY DO (can you?), I do use the best sportsbra I've found in the past 6 years, and it only holds "the girls" in place during low-impact exercise like pushbike riding. FYI, my 50kg mother, at 10E, NATURAL SIZE, not upped by implants, couldn't run for the same reason. Again, not everyone wins the genetic lottery.

          It's lazy idiots who believe what the jock down the street says "worked crackers for me! eveyone ought do exactly the same I did, and no one would be fat!" and don't actually do the research themselves that.perpetuate nonsense like "just eat less and run more."

          I WAS ALMOST HOSPITALIZED FOR ANOREXIA by my doctor when I fessed up to how little I was eating and how much I was exercising, you ignorant sop! My weight hadn't really changed, but my body chemistry had to a degree that scared my doctor. He told me to stop what I was doing IMMEDIATELY. I did, and that was the last I worried about it.

            Honey please. I have enormous breasts too. I used to use the same excuse also. Then I bought a quality sports bra and it worked wonders. But sure, running is not for everyone.

            Please don't throw the word anorexia around. Anorexia is a mental disorder not just being malnourished. Obviously you were doing the diet and exercise thing wrong. I'm guessing it was WHAT you were eating that made you sick. Just cutting calories isn't enough. You have to get enough vegetables, protein and fiber to balance out the diet. A diet of celery sticks will not keep you alive.

    Every time I see a fat person I see someone who does not know to to look after their body. Fat people smoking and fat people eating a bag of chips is even worse.

    I guess the comments here proof the article. The healthy people agree and the fat people commenting make excuses and blame the world, or counter a come back in relation to spelling or that the healthy people are just arrogant. Look at the biggest looser tv show. Most people go in thinking, I'm ok - bit overweight I'll be ok. Then over the next 12 weeks totally loose the plot and breakdown because their self esteem has hit rock bottom. They finally realise their lived sucked and at the end they lost half their body weight and are happy, healthy and a changed person especially when it comes to their self confidence and how they now appreciate themselves. The show is a perfect example how being healthy can improve your life. So stop making excuses and do something about it.

    I used to be fat. 100 kg when I finished school. Got sick of the bullying and abuse. Changed by:
    - Exercise at least 30 mins each day. Exercise is anything that raises my heart rate above normal levels.
    - Reduce meat and grains, eat more fruit, veges and cut right back on processed foods.
    - Cut out the booze - lots of empty calories.
    - Have 1 day each week where the above don't apply- can eat or drink whatever I like. Allows me to have a social life and prevents blowouts. If I know there's a BBQ or a night out, I nominate that day as my "off" day and eat/drink whatever I feel like.

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