Which Destinations Do You Want To See Before They Change Too Much?

Which Destinations Do You Want To See Before They Change Too Much?

Some places are best seen before they’ve become major tourist destinations. Which locations are on your travel wish list to check out before they become too popular?

Picture by Rainer Korner

I’m doing a segment on Ten Breakfast TV tomorrow morning about destinations which people should see while they’re still in a relatively untouched state (and not filled with cheap tourist tat). I’ve got my own ideas, but I’d love suggestions from readers — either places you’ve really enjoyed or locations that are definitely on your wish list. Share your picks in the comments.


  • Anything in Queensland. We’re the most rabidly self-hating State in a country which is itself the world’s worst environmental vandal. We have just voted a far-right redneck (Can’tReadCampbell) into power, and he’s wasting little time in trying to get the State concreted over, double-quick. Get here while there’s something left.

  • a smart person will visit their particular location before posting it here. sorry i think i just ruined your article’s purpose. this type of subject is supposed to be unspoken of, because making a big deal about it will bring about the time it becomes ‘too popular’ even closer!

    • uhhh, you do know the origins of the state of existence that Cambodia is leaving right? A nation developing a decent standard of living is not a bad thing.

  • Great Keppel Island. Developers are about to rip most of its currently immaculate bush out to extend the current (defunct) resort, build golf courses etc. Unfortunately the protagonists are really good mates with the QLD LNP, so approvals for a very bad development are being short-circuited with only cursory oversight.
    Keppel’s bush and beach (including reefs) are gorgeous now: worth a look before the rednecks do it over.

  • Get to Samoa if you want to see paradise before it is turned into a “mini-fiji” or worse Kuta. I have been twice – it is untouched. But with 4 major resorts all jockeying to build the next resort – it wont last long. Right now It is all pretty basic, except for Aggie Greys hotel. Stay in a Fala. I recommend “Litti Sinni” a family beach “resort” run by a family Joe and Liddia. If you want to see paradise while you can – go before it is lost.

  • Manus Province, Papua New Guinea the locals are still trying to decide if it can develop the tourism business…get in there before it happens.

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