What’s On Your iOS 6 Wish List?

What’s On Your iOS 6 Wish List?

It’s almost certain that we’ll be hearing about the next version of iOS at WWDC next week. What are you hoping to see in it?

We’ve been hearing rumblings for a while as to what may be coming, like Facebook integration, Siri for the iPad, a new maps app, and maybe even an overhaul for all the built-in apps. With all that in mind, what are the things you’re hoping to see in iOS 6? Let us know in the comments.


  • Apple needs to pull its finger out of its arse and release location services in countries other than the United States. Siri is useless without it. Keyboard suggestions and podcasts automatically downloading to your mobile whilst connected to Wi-Fi, would both be good features.

  • All I want, is for the iphone menu bar at the top to be the same colour all the time (like ipad). Not grey sometimes, black others. It’s fricking infuriating!

  • Even though I know it won’t happen, I still wish there was some type of ‘desktop’ form integrated in to iOS for widgets and app shortcuts like on Android devices.

  • Wpild be good to see an IOS version of launch pad, toggles to enable/disable bt, wifi and location services. Better multitask handling on iPad devices

  • All my jailbreak hacks really.

    SBsettings in the notification menu.
    Drawing weather information from the Australian BoM.
    Bitesms features would be nice, but not that necessary.

    They won’t ever do it, but launcher styled actions would be nice also.

  • Having Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP), which has been around for a few years, would be good. Car manufacturers have been making/advertising the connectedness of their in-car electronic systems, but iPhones can’t use many of the useful features the car provides without MAP.

  • This will never happen, but how about a common file storage pool.

    So, each app can still have its own private file storage, but there is also a location accessible to all apps, so that they can share files without having to make copies per app.
    Also, this would allow Safari to upload files, like a full-featured browser should.

  • I would love to see key setting integrated into notification centre (a la SBSettings) and a home screen with customizable widgets. Then a pinch gesture to bring in the grid view of applications (like launchpad). Also customizable lock screen information (Lockinfo)

  • 1) Global inbox. a proper global inbox the way blackberry does it, not the ‘notifications centre’.
    2) multiple sound profiles. Two just doesn’t cover every situation.
    3) the option for true multitasking for apps you select.

    And here’s one that’s even less likely than those:
    4) multi-user support. iphones tend to be one person only, but ipads are often shared around a house. That means that every time you pick up the ipad you have to sign out of facebook/google/etc and back into your account and you can’t hook it into most work accounts due to security concerns. user accounts would fix this, and iOS is meant to be unix underneath anyway.

  • -Siri on iPad 3
    -Improved Siri Internationally
    -Cleaner UI and speed improvement
    -Possibly some kind of idea surrounding Widgets
    -Facebook Integration
    -Improved iMessage
    -Better Data Usage and Cellular Usage
    -Improved Homescreen
    -Improved Multitasking or Working Similar to Windows 8 with the iPad and productivity

    My other hope is a complete redo of iTunes across the board, it is just outdated and boring.

  • Fix wifi synching so it is seamless
    Reserve say 1 gig of the memory as an isolated storeable flash drive
    proper wireless printing to any printer
    remove ringer volume from the toggle switch and put it somewhere inside the settings

  • I’d really like to have some form of VOIP/SIP client integrated into the phone app. There are some great SIP clients our there, but I’d like to have everything integrated nicely.

  • t9 dialing
    flip when a call is coming in and goes to silent and stops vibration
    multiple exchange accounts in emails
    siri localisation for australia
    widgets like andriod
    less itunes (that won’t happen though)
    better call logging and larger call logging . The ability to go to a user and see a call log from them for say 1 month. Like Android

  • – hotspot for ipad 2
    – better gestures for switching between apps (4 finger swipe is dumb)
    – better app switching animation (something like the cards system palm used would be great)
    – Widgets (even if they restricted it down to the size of the icon, it would be better than nothing)
    – Give apps greater ability to interact with the notification centre
    – Apps for Apple TV
    – MultiTasking rules (allow you to set rules to close apps that are not active after a set time)
    – Siri Navigation
    – Airplay from iphone/ipad/mac to iphone/ipad/mac
    – Guest hotspot access (So i don’t have to keep changing my password every time i share out my hotspot, also I can set the amount of data/time they can access)

  • Th ability to have multiple profiles so if the phone is on silent, you can elect to have certain phone numbers still ring through. My little nokia could do this years ago.

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