What Advice Do You Wish You Could Give Your Younger Self?

What Advice Do You Wish You Could Give Your Younger Self?

It’s hard to live a life without a few regrets, because we often make mistakes in our younger years and don’t realise it until it’s too late. If you could send a message back to your younger self, what advice would it contain?

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The folks over at The Buried Life, a tumblr about getting the most out of life, posted a list of 20 things they should have known at 20 years old. For example, make older friends so you learn from them, stay in shape when you’re younger so it’s easier when you’re older, do crazy things when you’re young because you’ll be too conservative to do them when you’re not, and sleep. Not every item on their list will apply to everybody, but there are certainly a few good tips to keep in mind even if you’re a little older than 20. What do you wish you knew when you were younger? Share yours in the comments.

20 Things I Should Have Known at 20 [The Buried Life via Rachel Atwood]


  • Conflict iis hard has to be done sometiems;
    Always be ready to walk away from a negotiation; and
    Sometime girls ask questions not for the answers but so you can give smypathy for that pacticular plight.

  • If I met the young me, I would sit me down and say.

    “You know lots of things, you think lots of things, you plan lots of things, you say lots of things, you wish lots of things, you dream lots of things, you have lots of things, you want lots of things, you like lots of things, you hate lots of things, you see lots of things, you read lots of things, you eat lots of things, you drink lots of things, you enjoy lots of things…. but it’s what you ACTUALLY DO that counts. Nothing else. Now fuck off and sort your shit out.”

    Then I would walk away.

  • Don’t do what your parents said regarding focusing on your career. Allocate a good chunk of your time and energy to finding a man, because it’s certainly not going to get easier for a homely girl later. (Seriously. This IS the advice I’d give myself. It sucks being alone, and despite NOT EVER wanting that, as I always intended to run into a man during my life who was The Guy, who I’d marry and have a family with, it’s my lot in life now. Female nerds, take note.)

  • Learn to drive while you’re still in high school so you don’t end up 22 and not able to drive and living in a different city to your parents.
    Tell your parents to take you to a shrink when you first start feeling depressed instead of ignoring it and letting it ruin your final years in high school and subsequent years after that.
    Don’t spend every cent of your paycheck so that you don’t end up having nothing to show of 4 years full time employment.

  • I would tell my 14 year old self what I’ve learned about overcoming shyness and social anxiety. It took my until my early 30s until I’d truly learned how to get it under control. My teens and 20s would have been much more pleasant.

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