Want To Complete Your To-Do List? Better Become A Farmer

OK, that's an exaggeration. But in a survey of 6,500 people worldwide conducted by LinkedIn, agriculture industry workers were the top-ranked when asked if they completed all or most of their planned daily tasks.

Picture by Peter Shanks

Here's the full list of professions and the percentage of that workforce who completed their to-dos each day:

  1. Agriculture: 83.3%
  2. Consumer: 79.1%
  3. Service: 77.3%
  4. Transportation: 76.8%
  5. High-tech: 75.5%
  6. Nonprofit: 75.0%
  7. Media: 74.9%
  8. Manufacturing: 74.5%
  9. Finance: 74.3%
  10. Government: 73.5%
  11. Corporate: 73.4%
  12. Recreational: 73.2%
  13. Arts: 73.2%
  14. Construction: 72.6%
  15. Medical: 72.1%
  16. Educational: 71.8%
  17. Legal: 65.8%

It's worth noting that even on the bottom rung, two-thirds of legal professionals managed to get through the majority of their list.

400 Australians were included in the survey. Of those, 65 per cent maintained a to-do list. And of those, 56 per cent wrote lists on paper, while 40 per cent used an electronic device. (Presumably, the other 4 per cent use both.) We're great believers in electronic lists, but having them serve a purpose is more important than their format. If paper works for you, stick with paper.

Does your To Do List need a makeover? [LinkedIn Blog]


    I can't help but think some of those TODO lists would be much smaller and simpler than others.

    To Do List Tuesday 6 June
    1. Wake up super early and dont shower
    2. Go feed cows
    3. Come home and get wife to make me bacon and eggs
    4. Repeat

      I imagine that a farmer does so much more constructive tasks than many of the listed professions

    How would the 35% who don't have a to do list know?

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