Virgin Cuts Data Charges On Postpaid Plans

Good news if you've got a phone or mobile broadband contract with Virgin Mobile: it has just dropped the rate for excess data usage from $2.05 per MB to a more reasonable 20.5 cents per MB.Picture by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

That rate is charged per kilobyte, and it's a welcome shift. Prepaid customers don't do quite so well; the rate there is still $2 per megabyte (though again it's charged per KB). That said, it still makes sense to get a contract with sufficient data for your needs, whoever the carrier.


    $200/gig isn't what most of us would associate with the word "reasonable" - Considering that Exetel charge $20/big on their casual $5 plan, which operates on the same Optus network it should still make you red with outrage.
    Perhaps a better headline would be "extortionate data pricing now slightly less extortionate"

      I just change the APN so that it connects to the optus yesinternet over the virgin mobile which is only 12c a mb. Not much of an issue if you know what you're doing.

        Really, is this possible?

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