Use Your Android Phone As A Web Server

If you happen to have an old Android phone sitting around collecting dust, XDA TV shows off one potentially cool use for it: a completely portable web server you can store and serve up data from anywhere.

The web server uses a standard Linux package and a few different Android apps: BotBrew Basil, VNC Server and QuickSSHD. The installation process is pretty simple, and once your sever is running, you have a fully portable web server that you can dish use to dish out content privately or publicly. It probably can't handle too much traffic, but we're interested in hearing some of the uses you come up with in the comments.

Android Webserver [YouTube via Hack a Day]


    Fully fledged webserver????
    no mysql
    no php

    he made mention it was an html5 webserver, what does this really have to do with html5 (html for that matter) all he did was install apache. yes that can serve files. Its up to the browser to interpret and render html/html5

    sorry to be negative but I just feel this video wasnt presented very well with enough of a technical background.

      why does it need to be a lamp stack to be a fully fledged web server? take a look at which actually doesn't need any parts of a lamp stack to work. but apache would make it more accessible.

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