Use WD-40 To Break Down Tough Toilet Stains [Updated]

WD-40 does a great job of cleaning lots of things, such as stainless steel and inkjet printer cartridges. But if you're dealing with a particularly dirty toilet, and nothing else seems to be working, a little WD-40 in the water may be all you need to break down those stains.

Update: It's been brought to our attention that spraying WD-40, which contains 50 per cent mineral spirits, into your toilet and flushing it is not ecologically sound. As such, we can't recommend following the advice provided in this post from the US site. Thanks to everyone who made us aware of the issue.

The key here is to only use a small amount — there's no need to go spraying down the inside of your toilet just to get rid of the lime stains and discolourations left behind by the last person that lived in the apartment you're now renting. Give it a squirt or two, a few minutes to break up, and then attack it with a toilet brush. Follow up later with bleach, vinegar or whatever cleaner you prefer.

I can vouch for this one working as described, but it should be a last resort. WD-40 is still a commercial chemical with a specific purpose (and hundreds more off-label uses) and should be handled with care. Do you have any other ingenious WD-40 off-label uses? Share them in the comments below.

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    I find WD40 good for removing tar stains off my car, also penetrene oil does a good job. Careful with trying them on a hidden section in case it damages your duco.

    Good for making burning things even more burning.

      I think you meant "Good for making flammable things more flammable."

    WD40 is 50% mineral oil. It should NOT be put in your toilet. Really quite disgusted to see lifehacker endorsing this.

    definitely a disaster for the environment
    Shame on you guys

      Shame? That's a bit much.

      I don't care I'm doing it anyway. Deal with it.

    Just a little more fuel to the fire ... bleach is perfect for stripping that protective enamel off your toilet, which means you'll have to work extra hard in future to clean your toilet.

    If you have lime scale pour in vinegar and leave it for some days if you can. It reacts with the calcium Carbonate. I did this to a toilet in a flat I was moving in to a week later. It doesn't dissolve it as you might hope bx cause there are other minerals besides calcium in the scale but it weakens it so much a toilet brush will break it up easily.

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