Twitter Trends Now Customised To Reflect Your Location And Who You Follow

Welcome news if you're sick of seeing tweets about The Voice: Twitter is going to begin customising trends lists based on your current location and the people you follow.

If you don't want to see trends customised that way, you can opt out and select a more general view based on a specific location. As with many a web service update, the change is being rolled out gradually, so you might not see it on your account immediately — it hasn't appeared on mine yet. You also won't see the option if you're using a non-Twitter client to view your stream.

Twitter's trends list was originally a single global roundup of topics, but has become more precise over time. An Australia-specific trends list became available in late 2010, and individual city lists for some locations followed in 2011. It's often mistakenly assumed that the trends list reflects outright popularity, but in fact it shows topics which have seen their volume of tweets increase rapidly.

Tailored Trends bring you closer [Twitter Blog]


    Excellent. Taking a service where people surround themselves with people like themselves and removing any possibility that they hear about anything outside of their own biases. Awesome.

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