Turn Old CD Racks Into Space-Saving Plant Pots

Turn Old CD Racks Into Space-Saving Plant Pots

If you don’t have room for a garden, but you’d still like to drop some herbs in some soil or get started on a salad box, it turns out the Ikea BOALT wooden CD rack is the perfect shape and size to make a pretty decent wooden planting box.

Over at Doctorate Housewife, writer Jessi actually had some of these CD racks left over after she digitised and boxed up her CD collection, so she decided to turn them into planting boxes. She weather treated them with some wood primer so they could live outdoors, lined them with some planting cloth and filled them up with soil. Looks like she has some nice herbs growing in there, too.

Sadly, we couldn’t find them for sale online, but you may have better luck at your local IKEA store. That said, it probably won’t be too difficult to pick up some weather-treated wood from the hardware store and do the same thing. What do you think — better to do this kind of thing yourself, or are these ready-made, affordable planters just waiting to be purchased? Let us know in the comments.

Ikea Hacking CD Racks into Herb Boxes [Doctorate Housewife via IKEA Hackers]


  • The ones shown above are at least made of pine from the looks, which might last a year or two before rotting to the point of becoming compost themselves. Most however are made from chipboard and would last maybe six months….?

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