Turn-By-Turn Navigation Might Be Missing For Aussies In iOS 6

We already know that the beta version of iOS 6 maps is missing lots of Australian data, but if Apple's own site is any guide, Australians won't be getting any turn-by-turn directions on the updated platform either either. There's no mention of the feature on Apple's Australian site, though some developers say the basic options can be seen in the beta. Hit Gizmodo for the full story. [Gizmodo]


    This is sounding worse and worse every time we hear updated news about these maps

    Goddammit i knew this was going to happen, all the apple fanboys where telling me differently then i just said look at siri and they where all no no the new maps are awesome.

    friggen called it... very annoying as an iphone user starting a new job in Melbourne in the near future, i needed that shit to get around!

    We can only hope that Google will be releasing their Maps app on the App Store as soon as iOS 6 comes out.

      Are you suggesting that Google will now give us turn by turn on the iPhone, where they haven't before? Googles track record for providing all their services in Australia isn't exactly brilliant. Check out Angus 's earlier review on Jelly Bean.
      I'll be incredibly cheesed off if Australia misses out on directions. It's bad enough that Siri is crippled here. I'm starting to think there is no good reason to upgrade or spend my money at Apple. And I'm generally an Apple fan.

        Err turn by turn nav is excellent on android. Why Google doesn't give you the full service on apple? Well that's a no brainer. Why apple doesn't either? That's something you should probably take up with them

          I've heard that Google actually makes more revenue from iOS than it does from Android. If they release a stand alone maps app, I would expect it to be similar in functionality to the Android one. Maybe a little less polished, but they definitely will not ignore iOS

    Use the free Whereis App for
    spoken turn-by-turn directions. App used to crash but is stable now.

    Oh i love that i never bought into apple and had anything invested in there eco system because i'd be jumping ship so fast if i had! They're starting to lag behind more and more! It's fun to watch from an android user's perspective.

    I'm an Apple fanboy - self confessed - for many years - but I recently got a G Nexus to futz around with and wow - Android's come a long way. I'm impressed. I love the flexibility and openness of the whole thing, though generally the selection of apps isn't quite there yet compared to iOS. As an AAPL shareholder, I'd be very pissed if somethig as simple as turn by turn doesn't come to iOS6..

    Typical isn't it.. but watch. they'll advertise 'Turn by Turn' in Australia (just like they did '4G')
    another reminder why I am keeping well away from anything that iFruit company make...

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