Tie Floss In A Loop To Make Flossing Easier

If you get annoyed at wrapping floss around your fingers and stuffing your hand in your mouth, Redditor Simonific shares a simple loop method that will make flossing easier.

The problem with the typical flossing method is that it strangles your fingers a little, and it's hard to keep the floss rotating when you get through each gap in your teeth. By tying the floss in a loop you can easily rotate it as you floss each tooth, and it saves your fingers in the process. I gave this a shot this morning and it does indeed make flossing a bit easier and faster.

Comment: Reddit, just tie a loop. Honestly, I have no idea why more people don't do this. It works so well and saves your fingers. [Reddit]


    Once you gain the swing of things with flossing regularly, knotting a piece and using it that way will probably take more time.

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