These Are The Companies That Protect Your Data From The Government

The Electronic Frontier Foundation took a look at 18 different web companies to see which ones are serious about user privacy — and which ones are likely to hand your data over to the government at a moment's notice.

Last month, Twitter was subpoenaed for information about a particular user being investigated for Occupy Wall Street protests. Twitter asked for the case to be thrown out, but not all internet companies would be so kind — in fact, many would hand over your information, often without even telling you. Check out the infographic below to see where your favourite companies lie on the issue — you might be surprised at what you find (you can click on the image for a closer look). For more information on how the chart was put together, check out the EFF's full report by clicking the link below.

When the Government Comes Knocking, Who Has Your Back? [Electronic Frontier Foundation]


    I always knew foursquare is a bit dodgy

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