The Rinser Toothbrush Has A Built-In Water Fountain For Easy Rinsing

The Rinser Toothbrush is your standard teeth-cleaning implement with a little secret: it has a tunnel in its chest that creates a water fountain when you place it under tap. This makes it easy for you to rinse out your mouth without setting the toothbrush down and picking up a cup.

Aside from the primary purpose of this clever multitool, you can replace the brush heads when they get worn out. They just snap on and off so you don't have to buy a new brush every month. Currently, the rinser brush is available for pre-order and they ship all over the world. $US22 gets you one brush and one brush head replacement, but you can pre-order more if you want. It's not the cheapest toothbrushes in the world, but it's one of the more clever ones.

Rinser Brush [via The Awesomer via Swissmiss]


    A cup? Are there people who seriously have never worked out how to cup their hand? This cheap and easily available method can be used for both cup style use and to create a water fountain effect if desired. Hands, they're useful.

      Wow! And all this time, I've never known I've had such amazing and useful tools at arms reach!
      *corny music plays*
      (large block letters:) HANDS
      (diagonal cursive:) They're handy!
      *credits roll*
      This has been a Public Service Announcement.

    This.. again?

    This is a duplicate article.. is this an advertisement?

      yeah... I thought I remembered reading this article before

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