The Random Nature Of Android Updates

We’ve talked before about the process of how Android updates actually reach your phone. A point update to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Vodafone reminds us why getting updates can take longer than you expect.

Vodafone is rolling out the 4.04 point upgrade to its Galaxy Nexus customers from 1pm today, but not everyone will get it at once. Instead, the updates will be randomly staggered over the course of a week:

  • Day 1-2: Available to 0.1% of devices
  • Day 3: Available to 5% of devices
  • Day 4: Available to 20% of devices
  • Day 5: Available to 60% of devices
  • Day 6: Available to 100% of devices

That approach makes sense since it ensures that servers and networks aren’t swamped with people instantly seeking to update their phone, and a week isn’t a huge amount of time to wait. That said, it seems odd that the first three days get such a small proportion of the rollout. (It’s already been network and manufacturer-tested, so there shouldn’t be issues on that front.)



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