The Fastest Way To Soften Butter

If you have a recipe that calls for softened butter, and you've forgotten to take it out of the fridge in advance, you don't have to put it in the microwave. Instead, put the butter in a ziplock bag, grab a rolling pin and take out some aggression on it. It'll soften up in no time.

You can see this tip (courtesy of the folks at America's Test Kitchen) in action in the video above, but it's important to note that this gets you softened butter, not room-temperature butter. So if your recipe calls for warm or room temperature butter, you're still out of luck. If it's just softness that's required, like for mixing or baking, this may save you some time.

What do you think? What are some of your favourite ways to soften butter quickly? Share your tips in the comments below.

How to Quickly Soften Butter [America's Test Kitchen]


    Use a grater.

    Use a cheese grater

      But a cheese grater is for cheese

    Put it under your armpit.

    and what if you just want a little bit of butter for toast (arguably more common), then your left with a flat butter pancake...goodo.

    +1 to using a fine cheese(butter lol) grater. Easier as you can just cut how much butter you need for recipe.

    If your having toast, hold the tub upside down over the top of the toaster.

    I love butter but hate speading it and also dislike "I can believe its not butter".
    Everytime I see an american "stick" style of butter I cant help think of that Marlan Brando movie.

    Then your left with a wasted snap lock bag, plus you have to get the butter out of the bag. Solution - just slice it up in long thin slices mix with your warm hands which will soften the butter with, hang on maybe this wasn't a problem in the first place.

    Oh and if your having toast, One slice on top of your hot toast, leave it for 30 seconds then spread, the heat from the toast will soften it.

      Or, thin slice of butter on the toast for 10 seconds and then it's easy to spread

    For a single piece of toast, a vegetable peeler is good for taking off a thin sliver from the end.

    If you have a stick of butter, you could always just "colour in" the toast with the butter...

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