The Dual-OS Multi-Monitor Workspace

When you can't choose between Windows and Mac, you don't necessarily have to. Lifehacker reader and Flickr user abe5x didn't as you can see in this workspace featuring multiple machines hooked up to several monitors. Everything is nearly organised and fits into a small space.

One thing we see that could be a little more efficient is the use of two keyboards to control the primary Mac and Windows computers. Why not control them both with one? It seems like this might be a little more comfortable and would take up less space. Nonetheless, this home office manages to fit quite a lot into a small area.

Mac/PC Workstation [Flickr]


    why was this workspace posted... the tech setup is barely good, and the workspace in general is cramped and cluttered?

    A good KVM can get rid of that extra keyboard and mouse. I have a similar setup to this, but use a Belkin USB KVM to switch my mouse and keyboard. Also, if you don't want to buy a KVM, Synergy does an amazing job sharing mouse pointer in keyboard (it treats the other OS like another monitor, so you can even place the other OS monitor in an arrangement that allows you to move your mouse through all of it).

    I have a similar setup to this too (Windows-Ubuntu) and to get rid the extra mouse and keyboard i use synergy which makes it much easier to switch from one to another (even easier than a KVM :P )

    >.> he has 2 mac monitors that aren't linked (separated by 1 win monitor), what looks like 2 different win oses (xp & 98 possibly?)... the second win 98 monitor isn't running at full res, there's 4 keyboards trying to run this mess along with 4 mice - which probably suggests the 2 macs are actually separate oses... and to top it all off, the 4th keyboard and mouse set isn't even facing a monitor... this is a terrible setup... like... really... >_>

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