The Dreamy Windows Desktop

The Dreamy Windows Desktop

Flickr user d_carr is no stranger to our featured desktop posts. He has a knack for picking great-looking wallpapers and adorning them with docks and launchers that don’t look like they’ve been bolted on top of the desktop. Here’s his latest desktop design.

As you can see, the time and date is inconspicuous and placed in such a way that you won’t miss it when it’s time to open some windows and get to work.

Want the same look for your Windows desktop? Here are the components you’ll need:

One thing worth noting is that d_carr’s desktop is 4:3, so you might need to make a few placement adjustments if you have a widescreen display. Other than that, this one has a lot of components, but it’s really easy to set up and customise.

Need a little help getting Rainmeter to work the way you want? Check out our guide to setting up a good-looking desktop for some great tips and examples, or head over to d_carr’s Flickr page to let him know how much you like his work and ask him a question. Mac users can get a similar result with our guide to Geektool. Linux users can download Conky and Docky to get the same effect.

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