Test Yourself With The Lifehacker Geek Trivia Quiz

Test Yourself With The Lifehacker Geek Trivia Quiz

Over the past fortnight, we’ve staged reader meetups in four cities, thanks to the Windows Azure team at Microsoft, complete with a trivia competition for each location. Now that the meetups are over (sob!), we figured we should share the questions with you.Image

Because we know all of our readers will show up with smartphones, we don’t ban their use to research answers at our trivia events. However, we do ask the questions very quickly, and some of them don’t easily lend themselves to searching. So if you’re trying this at home for your own amusement, work as quickly as possible, and search as much as you want. It won’t always help!

Given that everyone reading this is one click away from a search engine, we’re not providing answers here right now, but we’ll happily discuss individual questions in the comments. On the night, these were asked over three rounds, but we’ve grouped them all together here.

  • What do the initials DLL stand for?
  • What is the Windows keyboard shortcut to launch the Task Manager?
  • What is the sum of the internal angles on a regular pentagon?
  • Which product did Lifehacker rank as the best buy in IKEA for under $10
  • Which of these languages is not supported in Windows Azure: .Net, C++, PHP, Python, Java?
  • What contains more caffeine: 375 mls of cola, or 375 mls of instant cofffe?
  • What were the first words to appear on Wikipedia?
  • How many of the six core Star Wars films did George Lucas direct?
  • What was the first personal computer to sell more than one million units?
  • Which member of Allure Media’s tech editorial staff has the most Twitter followers?
  • What contains more kilojoules: a Big Mac or a Whopper?
  • Which of the big four Australian banks has not yet offered a Windows Phone 7 app?
  • Which Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy novel written by Douglas Adams has the shortest title?
  • What is the service level agreement percentage for the Windows Azure CDN service?
  • What is the only TV station in Australia to currently broadcast identical content on a standard-definition and a high-definition channel?
  • Has Grand Theft Auto ever been mentioned in Doctor Who?
  • Give me the next number in this sequence: 16.66, 33.33, 45, __?
  • In which state was the first automatic teller machine introduced in Australia?
  • Which type of LEGO came first: Batman or Spiderman?
  • Name a commonly used programming term which is also an item of clothing.
  • In which Tintin adventure is a journey to Sydney by the intrepid reporter interrupted?
  • Which version of Windows 8 will include a built-in copy of Office?
  • How many full-time editors has Lifehacker Australia had?

You can’t win our trivia quiz anymore, but you can still win a Nokia Lumia 710. See the original post for the details on how to enter, or jump straight to the signup form.

Get started with Windows Azure by signing up for a free trial here.


  • Good questions! There’s a few “Meh. Don’t know, don’t care” in there, but also a few “Ooh, I should know that! (but don’t)” which are the fun ones. Now, to Google a few of them, just to satisfy my own curiosity…

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