Ten Bets You Will Never Lose

If you find yourself bored at the bar this weekend, challenge your friends to one of these 10 silly bets. You'll win every time.

The above video, from magician Richard Wiseman, details 10 little bar bets and brain teasers that are near impossible to figure out if you don't already know how. Most are pretty silly, but it's a good conversation starter, not to mention an easy way to make a few bucks. Plus some of the tricks are pretty cool, like lifting a tomato off the table with nothing but a wine glass. Check out the video to see more, and don't blame us when your friends stop inviting you out because of this.

10 Bets You Will Never Lose [YouTube via Kottke]


    Loves the last one. Have seen most of the others before.

    Very reminiscent of Brian Brushwood's Scam School, though there's a couple of fresh ideas in there.

    tried these, i lost over $50 in it, waste of my time, especially when people already no about them

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