TaskPaper To-Do App For Mac 93% Off Today

Mac: We’ve mentioned TaskPaper a few times before, and it’s one of the best plain text to-do managers out there for the Mac. Today it’s available for only $1.99, 93 per cent off its usual price of $31.99.

TaskPaper manages your to-do list using a plain text file, which is the best way to store your to-dos, but it works like a real to-do app. It doesn’t force you into any one specific to-do list style, it just understands the format you want as you type and makes it easy to gather all your tasks together — so you can stop futzing with your task list and actually start working on your tasks. Hit the link below to check out the sale, and be sure to get it before its price goes back up tomorrow.

TaskPaper [Mac App Store via App Shopper]


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