Switch Off The Lights Before Taking Photographs From Your Hotel Room

File this under 'obvious but people often forget it': if you're in a high-rise hotel and want to grab a snap of the neon lights, switch off the lights in your room first to cut back on reflections and unwanted glare.

Picture by JC

Blogger Helen Bradley reminds us of this important tip:

When you're shooting from a hotel or office window at night, turn out the room lights so you minimise the reflections in the glass.

Worth remembering wherever glass is involved, but especially useful at night. (And don't forget to switch off the flash too — it won't help with long-range shots.)

Shoot right at night – Tip #9 Shoot from Hotel Windows


    And prevent people from thinking their light is a UFO in the sky.

    It should also combat those embarrassing reflections when taking pictures less than fully clothed.

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