Subway’s Chicken Fillet Sub Isn’t All Chicken

If you’re a fan of Subway’s Chicken Fillet sub, you need to adjust your ordering habits. Subway is changing the name of the product to Chicken Classic after a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) highlighted that the product is made from reprocessed chicken rather than an actual chicken fillet.

The change of branding came about after a consumer complained to the ASB, as Mumbrella reports:

I purchased a chicken fillet subway roll and when I got it home I was disgusted to find after biting it that it is in fact a processed chicken piece. My understanding of a chicken fillet is a fillet of chicken not processed chicken meat.

While Subway has used the branding for 10 years, it has decided to change the name of the sub to ‘Chicken Classic’, a change that has already happened on its site and which will be rolled through its 1300 stores. Right now, Subway’s ingredients list PDF still describes the product as a ‘Chicken Fillet’, but I’m sure that will change eventually. It notes that the product is ‘82% chicken’, with flour and water the next most prominent ingredients.

The change is Australia-only; Subway in the US doesn’t offer a direct equivalent. Despite sharing names and menus, product formulations between America and Australia often differ; for instance, the ‘pink slime’ scandal that engulfed McDonald’s USA didn’t affect Australia.

We still think Subway is one of the healthier takeaway options you can choose — provided you avoid the cheese and reprocessed meat options. And don’t go near the breakfast.

Subway found to have misled public with ‘chicken fillet’ that is really processed meat [Mumbrella]


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