Subway's Chicken Fillet Sub Isn't All Chicken

If you're a fan of Subway's Chicken Fillet sub, you need to adjust your ordering habits. Subway is changing the name of the product to Chicken Classic after a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) highlighted that the product is made from reprocessed chicken rather than an actual chicken fillet.

The change of branding came about after a consumer complained to the ASB, as Mumbrella reports:

I purchased a chicken fillet subway roll and when I got it home I was disgusted to find after biting it that it is in fact a processed chicken piece. My understanding of a chicken fillet is a fillet of chicken not processed chicken meat.

While Subway has used the branding for 10 years, it has decided to change the name of the sub to 'Chicken Classic', a change that has already happened on its site and which will be rolled through its 1300 stores. Right now, Subway's ingredients list PDF still describes the product as a 'Chicken Fillet', but I'm sure that will change eventually. It notes that the product is '82% chicken', with flour and water the next most prominent ingredients.

The change is Australia-only; Subway in the US doesn't offer a direct equivalent. Despite sharing names and menus, product formulations between America and Australia often differ; for instance, the 'pink slime' scandal that engulfed McDonald's USA didn't affect Australia.

We still think Subway is one of the healthier takeaway options you can choose — provided you avoid the cheese and reprocessed meat options. And don't go near the breakfast.

Subway found to have misled public with ‘chicken fillet’ that is really processed meat [Mumbrella]


    Really? REALLY? Why would anyone bother?

    That thing is so obviously not a cut of chicken breast.

      It is still breast, but they are blended and salt added before formed and coated.

    its still chicken, bit of flavour and water isn't gona hurt ya.
    get over it. jeez.

      It's chicken, just not a fillet as it was advertised.

    I'd hate to meet the chicken that produced a foot long fillet! Besides, it's clearly not a chicken fillet - just look at that disgusting thing in the photo!

      They put two pieces on the foot long. But I agree, its obvious its not a real fillet.

    "I was disgusted to find after biting it that it is in fact a processed chicken piece."


    Its pretty obvious on close examination and by the taste that its a processed piece of crap, part of the mega corporations ploy to sell us fake food to increase profits. All the meat in Subway is total crap IMO.

    "Here's your footlong sir"
    *actually 11.5inches*


    It's owned by "Doctor's Associates Inc". Surely Doctor's know what's best for us...

    Wait a minute...

    “Here’s your six inch sir”
    *actually 5.25 inches*


    one look at the "chicken fillet" would suggest it was processed, especially with the chicken schnitzel that they have there looking much more like a chicken fillet

    I'm shocked, disgusted and now quite hungry

    The lamb isn't..... nice.

    Ummm - trying ordering from the breakfast menu. The "egg" is no longer fresh. It is more like a floppy yellow fizby

      The egg is like round yellow foam. I made the same mistake. The alleged egg is mostly air, I wonder how many eggs they get from one shell.

        I saw a poster advertising real eggs in their bacon & egg sub.

        I miss the fresh egg thats for sure. However I dont think that what the are putting in there now actualyl contains any 'less' egg. Remember that scrambled eggs fluff up quite a bit!

    And there is often no ice for the post mix, despite ice clearly being shown in the cup on the menu. I'm calling the ACCC.

    Humans don't eat food, we eat food like products.

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