Save That Empty Peanut Butter Jar For Deliciously Portable Yoghurt Parfait

Don't toss out that empty peanut butter jar! Fill it with yoghurt, fruit, granola and whatever else you like for a delicious portable lunch or snack.

You could use a mason jar to tote your yoghurt parfait around, but then you won't get all the peanut butter goodness. Carrots 'N' Cake blogger Tina mixes in Greek yoghurt, raspberries, granola, chia seeds, almonds and frozen kale for her yoghurt parfait to go.

I'm trying to think of other clever ways to use an empty (but not thoroughly clean) peanut butter jar. There's the celery sticks snack in a jar, of course. Perhaps you can fill the jar with a scoop of ice cream? Banana peanut butter ice cream might do the trick as well. Got any more ideas on making the most of an empty peanut butter jar? Share yours in the comments.

Yogurt Parfait in a Jar [Carrots 'N' Cake]


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