Repurpose A Rug Pad As A Boot Liner

If your groceries slide around in the boot of your car, there are a couple of tricks you can use to keep them steady while you drive. Instead of buying an expensive aftermarket boot liner, household blog Real Simple suggests repurposing a rug pad for a fraction of the cost.

You could also reuse an old yoga mat or leftover shelf liners. How do you stop your groceries from making a mess in your car? Share your tips in the comments below.

Rug Pad as Trunk Liner [Real Simple]


    I did this about six weeks ago, not even thinking it was worth sharing with other people. It does work well. My groceries have a far less ballistic trip home from the shop and there is no alarming banging coming from the boot anymore. I got a roll from Kmart for about $12 which gave me one and a half 50cm wide strips across my rather large Camry boot. I had priced dedicated boot liners and they are ridiculously expensive - $60+!

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