Protecti For iPhone Locks Specific Apps, Hides Notifications And More

iOS (Jailbroken): If you're a private person who hands over your iPhone to friends and family then you know you're always risking losing a little privacy. Protecti is a tweak that allows you to set up a gesture to lock apps, notifications, photos and more.

Protecti has lots of different settings to choose from and activation methods. With it, you can set a single Activator function that creates custom notification displays so certain apps can't be opened when Protecti is triggered. For instance, if you want to hand you phone over to your mum, but you're in the middle of a text message conversation about how hungover you are, you can do a quick Activator gesture and hide those incoming texts momentarily. Parents can also use Protecti to lock off certain apps and settings before they hand their iPhone over to a small child. Protecti is a $US2.99 download from the Big Boss Repository.

Protecti [Big Boss Repository via Modmyi]


    Just another example of how the Jailbroken iOS Dev's are free of Apple's fist to come up with awesome concepts. This feature will probably be included in iOS 9.0 with the iPhone 10 :S

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