Is A Visual Movie Search Tool

If you don't need the full power of IMDB, is a great way to look up basic information about any film. It provides a short synopsis, basic statistics, and it has a great interface that includes posters and trailers. It'll also autocomplete as you type if you're not sure of the movie's name.

And then there's one more thing: torrents. Along with all this information, you're provided with downloadable torrent files so you can grab a copy of the movie. Piracy issues aside, we wouldn't necessarily recommend grabbing torrents from trackers you don't know. What's cool about has less to do with its ability to get you the film but how quickly and easily it provides you with the information you want to know. If you want to look up a film, it's a good way to go.


    um ... I'm asking on behalf of a friend ... but why is it not a good idea to download torrents of movies from unknown trackers? Viruses?

    Ignoring other security concerns....

    You activities on a tracker can accessed by anyone part of the swarm... Or even by the tracker itself if it is a honeypot.... Basically, groups with an interest in preventing torrenting can set thing up that you use...and later get sued for.

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