Mount Your Laptop To Your TV For A Truly Hidden Home Theatre PC

A home theatre PC is a great way to keep all your movies and TV shows in one place, but they can sometimes be unsightly. Lifehacker reader Leslie Norman Harvey V shows us how to mount a laptop to the back of the TV for a completely invisible, functional home theatre PC.

While a cheap Apple TV or home-built system is ideal for a home theatre PC, an old laptop will do just fine and won't cost you a thing. All you need to do to mount it is grab a few angle irons, fit them into a little box for your laptop, and mount it using the screws and holes you would use to mount your TV to the wall. You'll want to make sure it isn't too heavy for your TV, of course (so-called gaming laptops need not apply), because you don't want it to tip over — but if it's light enough, it should hang perfectly on the back of your TV, staying hidden from the rest of the living room. Hit the link to see more on how to put it all together.

How to Mount a Laptop to a Flat Screen TV [wikiHow]


    HTPC is long dead. Just get a proper media player and stream it.

      "Long dead"? ...serious? What would you call a "proper media player"? Some clunky, single use, plastic black box that plays a locked list of aged codecs? Been there, bought that...and wasted my cash.

      Give me a Linux or Win7 HTPC anyday. With XBMC, and 6TB of internal drives in a nice case under my TV, I have years of movies and shows, as well as being able to run SNES emulators, browse the web, and run torrenting in the background. If your HTPC is a laptop, so be it, but don't fall for a branded and inflexible "media player" gadget.

      If you don't have a big budget, get a Raspberry Pi for $35, install RaspBMC, and attach your USB drive or stream from a share/NAS. Works well for me in the guest room and kids TV.

        Just means you bought the wrong thing.

          just... means... huh? What is that in response to? That doesn't even make sense.

      yeah, I mean what do they think this is, some sort of 'lifehack' site? pssh. Forget making things or trying new ways of doing things. Just buy something.

      Thanks for showing us the light, Greg!

    Not a bad idea, but my laptop just sits in the cabinet along with the DVD player and game consoles. Makes turning it on/off a whole lot easier as well.

    What is that hideous mount? You can buy or even make a simple mount to hold the laptop which grasps the mounts of the tv used to attach it to a wall.

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