MiHome Brings The Gorgeous MIUI Interface To Android, No Rooting Required

Android: We've talked a few times about the beautiful, themeable MIUI ROM for Android, but if you'd rather not root and flash a new ROM, you can now get that awesome interface with the MiHome launcher.

While this launcher won't bring all of MIUI to your phone, it will bring a whole lot of it — including the beautiful home screens, the giant theme library, the cool widgets, a new set of lock screens, and fancy animations. What it can't change is the look of menus in your other apps, the notification dropdown, and some of the other ROM-specific settings in MIUI. Everything we really love about MIUI, though, is here. If you haven't had a chance to check out the ROM before, download this launcher. It's like getting a whole new operating system.

MiHome is a free download for Android devices.

MiHome for Android 2.3.34 and Up [Google Play Store via Droid Life]

MiHome for Android 4.0 and Up [Google Play Store]


    thanks for this. i tried it on my gnote and it lags when its full of icons. better to stick with apex launcher as that i think that also works on non-rooted phones and more options

    great and how to remove?
    all I get is a 'failed' message every time.

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