MaKey MaKey Turns Everyday Objects Into Web Controllers And More

MaKey MaKey Turns Everyday Objects Into Web Controllers And More

We love a good DIY project, and MaKey MaKey is a tool that promises to inspire several of them. It’s already capable of creating a piano out of bananas, a Pacman controller from a paper drawing, and a keyboard out of alphabet soup.

It’s essentially a board built on top of Arduino — which is already capable of doing many cool things — that connects to your computer via USB and helps you easily create a simple link between hardware and software. It’s designed to allow the average person to create some simple things, but because it’s based on Arduino, it’s capable of a whole lot more if you’re up to the task.

MaKey MaKey is currently a funded project on Kickstarter, and if you want to get one of the first kits, you can contribute $US35 to the project. That’ll essentially preorder everything you’ll need to get started when MaKey MaKey is ready to ship.

MaKey MaKey ($35) [Kickstarter via Uncrate]


  • Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before! Can’t wait to get , my hands on one of these puppies, maybe I find a way to make Skyrim or Diablo work with it!

  • The thing that always makes me baulk on these Kickstarters is the cost they want to charge for international shipping… Sure.. $10 is not all that much for a single kit but considering these things are not huge or heavy, even $10 requires a stretch of the imagination on how you go from a few bucks (what it costs me for every other package I get sent from the states) to $10…. then you look at some of the other packs and the amount they are charging for the shipping..

    Ridiculous.. this is not unique to this project.. others on KS charge enormous amounts for shipping. I can get a 500g (or less) package from the states to Australia in less than a week for $1.95 shipping.. justify $10 to me.. justify $15 for a deluxe pack when a deluxe pack x 2 costs the same.

    Fix the darn shipping costs and I might support more.

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