Make Berries Stay Fresh Longer By Storing Them In One Layer

Wouldn't it be nice if fruits and vegetables had longer shelf lives? The Bargaineering blog has a thorough guide on how to keep your produce fresh as long as possible, including a tip to store berries in a single layer.

Photo by jayneandd.

Berries are sadly one of the quickest-expiring fruits known to humankind. We can keep berries fresh longer by rinsing them in a vinegar solution or giving them a hot water bath, but for even more berry longevity, Bargaineering suggests storing them in a single layer to prevent the juice leaking out of the bad berries affecting too many of the other berries.

The article has a ton of other tips for storing fruits and vegetables, including waiting for these high-ethylene producing fruit to ripen before putting them in the fridge (the ethylene gas helps them ripen but also affects other produce): avocados, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums and kiwis.

We've written about proper food storage a few times, but the article and accompanying downloadable PDF master list for produce storage may still teach you a thing or two.

How to Keep Fruits & Vegetables Fresh as Long as Possible [Bargaineering]


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