LastPass Updates With Secure Attachments, Revamped UI And More

Password management service LastPass rolled out a huge update today, including an overhauled, simpler interface across all platforms, faster startup, encrypted attachments and more. Best of all, the features are available to both free and premium LastPass users.

The new UI is the first thing most LastPass users will notice. The vault now looks and works the same way whether you're using a browser add-on or the LastPass web app. If you're using your vault or the previously mentioned LastPass Wallet to store secure notes, you can now attach and encrypt images and documents.

As part of the big overhaul, all of the LastPass browser extensions and the iOS and Android apps have been updated. All of these updates are available to free users, but if you want to get them in the LastPass mobile apps, get rid of the ads, or use a Yubikey or LastPass Sesame (which we love) for two-factor authentication, you'll need a LastPass Premium account ($US12 per year).

LastPass 2.0: Managing and Protecting Your Online Life Just Got More Awesome! [LastPass Blog]


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