Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted takeaway torture, old browser taxation and an overview of what's new in iOS 6. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Kogan Imposing Tax On Shoppers Who Use IE7
    Online electronics retailer Kogan is no stranger to novel pricing approaches, but this one takes the cake: from now on, anyone who visits the Kogan site using IE7 will be charged an additional 6.8% “IE7 tax” — 0.1% for each month since the browser was released — on any purchases.
  2. Takeaway Torture Test Day 1: McDonald’s
    Four days of non-stop fast-food: one chain per day. How will I cope? The adventure begins, inevitably, at McDonald’s.
  3. Are Self-Service Checkouts On The Way Out?
    The past few years have seen self-service checkouts become a visible feature of the Australian retail landscape, with major supermarkets (Woolworths and Coles) and chain stores (Big W, Kmart and IKEA) all enthusiastically embracing self-scanning. However, supermarkets at least are now cutting back on the use of self-service in urban areas.
  4. Takeaway Torture Test Day 2: KFC
    Day two of my non-stop fast food frenzy sees me moving from burgers to chicken. Yes, it’s time for a whole day of KFC.
  5. Draw A Perfect Circle Without Any Extra Tools
    If your circles always end up looking like a deformed eggplant and you don’t have a compass nearby, here’s a simple trick to drawing a perfect circle with just a pencil and your finger.
  6. Takeaway Torture Test Day 3: IKEA
    Day three of my non-stop fast food frenzy has a Swedish flavour, as I lurk in an IKEA cafe or two. Meatballs, anyone?
  7. The New Features Coming To iOS 6
    Apple announced the newest version of iOS at WWDC today, and it’s packed with awesome new features for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches alike. Here’s a rundown of the best new stuff you’ll see in iOS 6 later this year.
  8. Five Places To See This Decade (Before They Change Too Much)
    I asked yesterday for suggestions on places to visit for a holiday before they get ruined. These are the five that are on my own wish list.
  9. How I Got Over The Jogging Beginner’s Hump
    My first attempts at jogging were met by my body feeling like it was going to fall apart. Jogging seems as easy as lacing up and taking off down the street, but it has hidden challenges. Here’s how I learned to get over the beginner’s hump and turn jogging into a habit.
  10. Takeaway Torture Test Day 4: Subway
    The final day of my non-stop fast food frenzy takes a healthier turn, maybe, as I switch to Subway. But is it already too late for my palate?


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