Kogan Imposing Tax On Shoppers Who Use IE7

Online electronics retailer Kogan is no stranger to novel pricing approaches, but this one takes the cake: from now on, anyone who visits the Kogan site using IE7 will be charged an additional 6.8% "IE7 tax" -- 0.1% for each month since the browser was released -- on any purchases.

Visitors to the site who use IE7 will see a pop-up message suggesting that they install a "better browser", with links to Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera (though not to IE9). In a blog post announcing the change, founder Ruslan Kogan says that the cost of making the site render properly on IE7 isn't worth the hassle.

Microsoft itself has worked hard to persuade users to upgrade as part of general system patches, and as we've noted recently, the current Internet Explorer 9 release performs much better than you might think. We're not sure how many actual customers this will impact, but driving bargain shoppers towards using a more modern browser is no bad thing. I can't imagine anyone choosing to pay extra and sticking with IE7, but if it does happen, I'm sure we'll hear about it.


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    Any jobs going at Kogan currently? I'd love to work at a place like this!

    Now, this is what I call creative. Thanks for helping us web developer to get rid old IE.

    Site seems to work under IE6, can add item, get to checkout and reach payment screen.

    As for why IE6, work PC, and all upgrades of IE all fail. (Yes, yes, machine needs Windows re-installed which is another load of hassle)

    I have been doing this for the last couple of years first with ie6 now with ie7

    Its surprisingly how clients suddenly wanna look at new features when they figure out that development for "dead" browser actually cost time & money ;)

    ... we danes know how to tax ;)

    That right there made me want to buy something from Kogan, legends!

    I will be naming my next child Kogan... awesome.

    yawn, simple detection of user agent and popup message - good pr for that website that ive never heard of until now. however if it was amazon or another big name, then that would be newsworthy - but really, a lot of sites detect based on user agent and show different content based on it, nothing surprising...

    This is the last thing we need. It's good to have alternatives and variants in the internet, in my perspective as a website designer if we keep things too easy it would reduce the cost for creating a website. Website design is a booming industry and you would rather keep it that way especially today that our economy is poor.

    This is a completely brilliant idea. As a webdev we need anything we can get to kill off shitty browsers faster. Thanks Kogan!

    IE9 doesn't work on Linux so what's the point?

    You see IE6 in your analytics because many crawlers and page speed checkers (gomez) mask as IE6, if you exclude them you will see similar conversion rates.

    This is fantastic.
    Our rule is <1% ignore the browser, so IE7 is no longer supported.

    missleading banner as it is an IE tax. All IE browsers are showing this message.

    Funny as hell...

    This is brilliant. I completely support Korgan on this matter. DEATH TO THE INFIDEL IE!!!

    Can only imagine the cries of violence and anger if Gerry Harvey tried this. Kogan does it? The internet calls him a hero...

    Old is gold but certainly not in this case. Web designers had to toil hard for getting the fixes for outdated IE browsers. Good work...!!!

    It's all a load of crap really. I went to buy a product from Kogan and the TAX message popped up. I went to another online company without the TAX and bought their product instead. No need to make changes to my fully working system and I got the product I wanted. Kogans loss. Simple!

    I wonder if Kogan will get in trouble for labeling this a tax, since only federal, state and local government can do that... and kogan isn't one of them... i went into a who rant about it here http://tzr.com.au/2012/08/11/death-taxes-and-kogan/

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