Is It Old? Checks If Links Are Fresh Enough To Share

How often have you or someone you know stumbled on a link or video you thought was cool and unique only to find out it was ancient? You can avoid the embarrassment of forwarding stale links like those with the "Is It Old?" website.

Rather than find how old a page is, the web app looks up how many times a page has been mentioned on Twitter to gauge how fresh a website or video is. For example, looking up the designer company Kinda Like a Big Deal ( gives this result:

OLD "Yikes. Looks like the 60 plussers are your audience for this one. It has been tweeted 2 times already, and the first time was 825 days ago."

However, even though Is It Old? itself has been mentioned by other websites before, it hasn't been tweeted, I guess, because entering the URL on Is It Old?, I'm told it's "Mad Fresh!"


    "entering the URL on Is It Old?, I’m told it’s “Mad Fresh!”" - I call 'shenanigans'!

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