Inside iiNet's Perth HQ: BoB, Fruit, Finn

iiNet's Subiaco office is home to approximately a third of its total workforce, incorporating support, design and admin teams. As you'd expect, there's coffee aplenty, but also healthy snacking options, open meeting areas and lots of pictures of Finn, that dude who pops up in all the iiNet ads.

Click through the images below for a full tour, including a souvenir hammer from the iiNet copyright trial.


    whats the deal with spiderman in the picture 2nd row 3rd pic

      Good find, I was too busy looking at Mr Bad Posture to see him.

      I have a friend who works there...they have a lot of dress-up days for various events. Best dressed usually gets a decent prize.

      He's their new web crawler.

    Nice quote on the plague

    "I think......we just won".


      I do believe that says it all.
      That hammer is a souvenir of the first round when there was only one Judge presiding.
      We decided it was much too hard to pinch the three from the appeal or the five from the High Court, without attracting attention.

    Jeff from The Wiggles has a really bad posture (2nd row, 3rd pic). He needs to fix that before his back gets ruined.

    And the point of this "article" is.. What exactly?

      Read the tags :)

        Mobile theme doesn't show tags. Usability fail.

    There's not a kittycam stream in sight how disappointing

    Criminy. Apparrently my housemate (who works for West/iiNet) works in one of the empty seats in the pictures!

    Spiderman's real day job finally revealed: iiNet TSO:

    He needs to spin some of his web to stop the guy in the foreground from a) sinking underneath his desk; b) paralyzing himself by destroying his posture. Seriously mate, take it from a fellow desk jockey who has been there, done that, lose some weight and sit up straight!

    Anyone else notice the IP Monitor screen in their NOC? (Top Right)

    Seems like something important in their network was down when this picture was taken, everything is red or yellow...

    The are also watching something burn on Al Jazeera -
    right side of

    I start working in there as a CSR as of October 2, 2011. Excited even more after seeing these images! (Despite getting a tour of a small part during my job interview)

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