IngenuiTEA Is The Most Satisfying Way To Brew A Perfect Cup Of Tea

The IngenuiTEA teapot from Adagio Teas makes brewing tea not only easy but incredibly fun. After steeping loose tea leaves in hot water, place the teapot atop a mug and watch as the clear brew automagically pours into your cup.

The brewer gives tea leaves lots of room to expand and release their flavour. Other features include BPA-free plastic materials and a metal mesh filter that never needs replacing and is easy to clean. The IngenuiTEA is to tea what the AeroPress is to coffee — except even simpler to use. Some people even use the IngenuiTEA for steeping coffee.

The 470mL version can make two cups of tea and is priced at $US15 on sale now at Adagio (also distributed by Vat19, makers of the video above). There's also a 946mL iced tea model.

Whether you're a coffee lover just getting into tea or you're no stranger to the joys of the Camellia sinensis leaves, this bottom-dispensing teapot is the coolest way to brew a cup.

IngenuiTEA [Adagio Teas]


    $40 shipping for a $15 item. Sweet.

      Or you could buy it off Amazon for $25 including shipping, which is better, but not much.

    A genius solution to a problem I never knew existed!

    Bugga that... Just stick to beer..."no ship" :)

    "dump the leaves in the trash"? How about the compost?

      Rose bushes love used tea leaves.

    This is the most transparent advertisement/PR copy & paste I've seen in a while. Pull your socks up, LifeHacker staff!
    Also, I'm not sure if it's illegal to pass off an advertisement as a genuine article in Australia in print/online media. If not, it should be.

    As an owner of one of these, let me warn prospective tea-ers!

    Make sure you sit the teapot on a FLAT SURFACE when you're not using it, because uneven surfaces may push the bottom up unexpectedly, causing tea to make a wonderfully brewed ocean all over your desk, and you.... (and in my case, in front of all my colleages at a meeting)

    That is all.

    "Just heat a mug of water in the microwave..."
    What is with our fascination with mug sized tea portions?
    Also, heat water in the microwave?
    Lastly, travel size?

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