How To Properly Cut A Melon

Tips that may seem like common knowledge to many people sometimes turn out to be revolutionary for others. I have been cutting open rockmelons for well over a decade, but it turns out I've been doing it the best way possible.

Cutting a melon in half and scooping out the seeds (if any) is standard procedure, but the video above from DIY weblog Instructables offers less common hints, such as turning quarters into slices by cutting once on each side of the melon. The revolutionary moment comes when the flesh of the melon is cut from the rind. By cutting the melon from the rind and then slicing it up using the ring as your cutting board you not only save yourself from having to wash a cutting board, but you also let the cut slices fall directly into your serving bowl.

Again, probably common knowledge for many, but it was new for me. Got any of your own tips on how to efficiently cut and slice food? Share them with us in the comments.

How to cut a melon [Instructables]


    "then slicing it up using the ring as your cutting board "

    I had to watch the video closely and re read a few times before i realised the ring you were talking about was a typo for rind.

    I very rarely have melons, but i use that slicing technique on bananas when slicing them up over my cereal.

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