How To Change YouTube’s Default Upload Settings

How To Change YouTube’s Default Upload Settings

If you upload a lot of video to YouTube, then having to constantly change the standard settings can be annoying. Google Operating System points out that you can now change your default settings for videos to match what you normally do.

The account defaults page lets you change a number of options, including the category and licence you use, and regular tags. You can still alter these on individual videos, but if you have a regular process, this should make it a little speedier. (I especially like being able to set a fixed category.)

Default Upload Settings for YouTube Videos [Google Operating System]


  • Does this change every video you already have? If not how can I change an existing video that was already uploaded? I can’t find the settings when I am uploading a video?

    • Go to video manager and either click setting, or tick the box next to the video you want to change, then scroll up, click actions and choose what you want to edit. One useful tip that took me a lot to find out, if you just want to change all your existing videos at once, all you have to do is go to video manager, select all videos by ticking the uppermost box, click on select all videos and from the drop down menu, choose whatever you want to change, then submit, and voilà.

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