HDMI Over Ethernet Adaptor Extends HDMI Connections Up To 30m

HDMI is great technology, but they're not the most reliable if you have to run the cable over long distances. Ethernet is better with distances, and it's also cheaper. The solution? Use an ethernet cable to extend your HDMI connections, and all you need is this little adaptor.

As Apartment Therapy points out, the cost of running HDMI over long distances is quite a bit more expensive than it is with ethernet. Seems like a pretty good deal.

HDMI Extender Using Cat5e or CAT6 Cable ($18) [Monoprice via Apartment Therapy]


    I have actually tried this and I used the connectors shown above.
    At 10m the quality drops for 720i so forget 1080p and at least in my case there was a fair bit of interference. Would love it if one of the tech TV nerds out there could do a bit of an explanation of how to get it right first time out.. :)

    Well being cheap isn't going to help your situation :)
    I would suggest spend a little more on a device like this one
    This device will support Full HD support 1080p deep color, 3D, and 4K x 2K and it is also HDCP Compliant with pass-thru EDID from display to source.

    Extending up to 70m you can't go wrong.

      $400 bucks, I may be cheap, but that's exy by anybodies standards. :)

    I love the idea but really wish it only needed 1 run of CAT5.
    I have my main TV and have a 2nd TV in the Kitchen using Cat5 with RCA connectors(Red, White, Yellow) which works well but since most products are starting to only have HDMI ports I am going to come up with extending HDMI or something if I want to upgrade :(

    Anyone know if you can pass the ethernet via a switch or does it have to be a direct connection between the source and receiver?

      I can't imagine it working through switches, switches route packets of data which need to be laid out in a very particular manner, this extender would just be spitting out it's own stream of data to decode itself.

      AFAIK the devices don't actually send Ethernet frames, so a switch wouldn't know what to do with them. We actually planned for this when we cabled our house with CAT6, having a 3-cable run (2 for HDMI and 1 for USB over Ethernet) from both my and my partner's studies out to the TV in the lounge and also the TV in the rumpus downstairs. Works beautifully, and means we can both play PC games on the big screen without fighting over it :).

      It just uses the coper cable. This is not a packet switched device.

    I use one of these in my apartment to connect my PC to my TV, works as advertised. It's under 10 meters though so not sure how to quality holds up over long distances.

    By the looks of it, it is just an extender that uses Cat5e or CAT6 Cable. It doesn't actually use ethernet i.e. packets of data -it just uses the same cable. Otherwise the distance wouldn't be so limited.

    These can actually be quite unreliable. I've not tested one that worked as specified which is a shame because we thought they would sell really well. We just stock powered HDMI over CAT6 products now.

    To get maximum distance you need to use a specifically designed nano-twist cat cable. We use it in fitness clubs and have gotten up to at least 150 meters.

    You can source the cable here. www.belden.com


    do I need a crossover cable connection for this? what way should I wire the cat cable T568a or T568b?
    Somebody please help me I can't seem to make it work for me

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