Grow Your Own Potatoes Anywhere With A Sack And Some Soil

Potatoes are notoriously easy to grow, but you don't need a huge backyard plot to grow your own. All you really need are some seed potatoes, some potting soil, and a large burlap or sturdy plastic sack to dump the soil into. Even urban gardeners with little more than a balcony for outdoor space can have fresh, home-grown potatoes by the time fall rolls around.

Over at Food52, Amy Pennington explains that all you have to do to grow potatoes in a bag is pick a nice sturdy bag (she used a large biodegradable plastic sack, but suggested a used coffee sack will do just fine), some quick-growing organic seed potatoes and some potting soil. Put the sack into a large storage container, pot, or other easily handled container, fill the sack with the soil, cut the potatoes into sections, plant plant your potatoes and wait. Best of all, they don't take much additional care, aside from light watering and some extra soil midway through the summer. We're oversimplifying a bit, so make sure to hit the link below for full instructions and a photo walkthrough.

Do you grow potatoes in your garden? What about on your porch or patio? Share your space-constrained gardening tips with us in the comments.

You Say Bags [Food52]


    Fall? WTF? Please stop with the recycling of US-centric articles. Or Oz them up a bit before posting. Can I plant my potatoes now, or do I need to wait for 6 months for our seasons to align with when this article was written in USA?

      @jaso - because the earth is not tilted on its axis, you have to wait 6 months. The difference between the seasons in the northern and southern hemisphere is a naming convention only (like driving on the left or right). You also have to be careful not to fall off the earth when travelling to the US, which is why you should fly and not go by sea (also because of sea monsters). I also see your point, everything ever posted anywhere should be 100% original, because it is so easy to produce free quality content every day. Also because of the seasonal hemispherical confusion this can cause some people who somehow managed to operate a computer well enough to visit the site, but still have no idea on the simplest concepts known to humanity. Hope this helps - douchecanoe.

        Wow, angry much? OP's complaints are valid, you should get off your high horse.

      If you read the article you would see it talks about temperature governing when to plant and does not mention a single months name out of the calendar. You should be able to work it out from that. For instance now is the perfect time in Sydney to be growing potatoes.

      IMHO no need to oz up this one, others yes.

    My problem with this is, you'll end up growing , what, at most a dozen potatoes, then you'll have none for another 12 months.

      The simple solution would be to plant another sack a week later and harvest it a week after the first one. Repeat depending on how long you want potatoes and weather permitting.

    Actuaslly, you can grow quite a lot of potatoes, as the plant grows, keep topping the sack with more soil/compost/potting mix and it will make the plants grow more sand more tubers.

      Correct. 80% of the harvest grow above the level of the seed potato that was used.

    I am in Australia and I don't know where to buy potato growing bags. Are they plastic bags? Do you have to put holes for the water to run off? Can you please tell me?

    Thank you.

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