Grow Moss Anywhere

Moss requires little maintenance, is visually attractive, stays green throughout the winter and is soft on your feet. You can propagate moss to trees, planters and other surfaces by making a moss "milkshake".

Household weblog Apartment Therapy gives the following recipe for a moss growing "milkshake": Add two cups of water and two cups of buttermilk to a blender and top with a section of existing moss; this moss can be live or dead. Blend until you have a milkshake consistency, and use a paintbrush to spread the milkshake on whatever surface you wish to grow moss.

You'll need to use a mister to keep the moss moist for the first few weeks and keep in mind that moss generally thrives in shady areas. Using this method you can even get creative and draw pictures or write out short phrases in moss.

How to Grow Your Own Moss [Apartment Therapy]


    Or you know you could use natural yoghurt and just paint it on the surfaces that are in a moss like environment where you want to stimulate growth. My father has used this technique for many years.

    I like the idea of moss art. When we move into our new home I might have to give this a shot. I know my wife will love the idea too, as long as it doesn't spread too far out..

    Will this technique work on a rolling stone?

      Yes but only Mick Jagger.

      Keith Richards maybe, but not Mick Jagger. He still moves too fast.

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